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Wealth may seek us but Wisdom must be Sought

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Wealth may seek us but Wisdom must be Sought

“Wisdom or knowledge” according to John Ruskin, “lies under the cover of books and man has to dig hard to get at it.” But “wealth” according to Hazrat Ali (R.A) “seeks one as death seeking a dying person.” One may be born with a silver spoon in his mouth, not wisdom. One has to burn the midnight oil in order to acquire knowledge by collecting information from different corners. Application of this acquired knowledge in daily life begets wisdom. That’s why even being a son of an aristocrat, Aristotle has to lucubrate in the academy of Plato for becoming a philosopher.


Achieving Wealth or achieving Wisdom

One may become wealthy through unfair means but wisdom demands fairness, sincerity, time, conscious struggle, and determination. Wealth may be accumulated through corruption, extortion, robberies and such other means but rubies of wisdom lie in the lap of those only who endeavor for it. Once a person becomes an excursionist of wisdom, he remains addicted to it unlike the accumulator of wealth whose greed may end sooner or later. It was the mesmerizing struggle for wisdom that made Ibn-e-Khuldoon a great traveler and a wise writer.

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Wealth and Books

Wealth may buy one a bed but not a good night’s sleep, a house but not a home, a companion but not a friend. But wisdom outweighs every kind of wealth by enlightening the soul of its seeker. Wisdom is itself a wealth that becomes a friend of its earner and takes him to the cascade of fantasy and imagination simultaneous to his presence in real life. Wisdom gives its finder a fruit to live in both the worlds of fantasy and reality. Wisdom can neither be stolen nor be gifted, it always rests in the lap of those who devote themselves to it. But it’s a one-time earned commodity that remains loyal to its devoted pursuer.

Earning Wealth & Wisdom

Wealth, to most religions and philosophers, is predetermined. Whenever a child is born his part of wealth is determined which he has to gain and utilize throughout his life. He has just to adopt the means through which he has to acquire that wealth. But this is not applicable to wisdom. It is not predetermined that who will be wise. As man has to search for the means of acquiring wealth, he has to struggle for earning wisdom. It’s up to him that how much wisdom he earns in his life contrarily to the wealth which is predetermined. The scope of earning wisdom is thus wiser than that of wealth.

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People usually correlate wealth and fortune. Allah Almighty, upon this, has said in Quran that fortunate are those who got wisdom as their share. This is because man is a wild animal; wisdom makes a man out of him – superior to all creatures of the universe. Therefore, most religions made striving for wisdom an obligatory act. It is the wisdom, not wealth, which frames our personalities, develops our characters, and shapes our societies by teaching us the strata of human living.

Wealth and Wisdom

Wealth, on the contrary, provides a man with mere bourgeoise living. It is not necessary that a wealthy man may live a happy life full of satisfaction. And it is also not necessary that a wealthy man remain wealthy all the time. But wisdom once got, remains forever and a wise man usually lives a happy life. A wise man has wisdom as a great guide which never let him alone and left him in ruin. It provides him with the reasons for the vicissitudes of life and lets him bore the hardships and sufferings by making him aware of the fact that sufferings are usually followed by blessings just like the thorns with the roses. Wisdom teaches its seeker both the lessons of reality and fantasy and makes his life easy and meaningful. So, one has to spend his wealth seeking wisdom because wisdom is not habitual of belling anyone’s door. One has to go for it in order to live a happy life.


Hence, Mr. Edward Young is right in his saying that the clouds may drop down titles and estates, and wealth may seek us but wisdom must be sought.

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