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We like articles with at least 800 words that are pertinent, well-researched, and offer helpful advice. Your post needs to be unique and unpublished. Once published on our site, you can republish it on your blog or other websites. Please include a brief disclaimer at the end noting where it first appeared and providing a link to the original piece. Links to studies or case studies supporting your assertions are required. Please refrain from using any unrelated promotional links to websites or mentioning any of our rivals. The most acceptable blog entries use examples, therefore, incorporate pertinent images to support your arguments. Avoid using stock images that don’t enhance the copy in any way. Issues we address Our blog seeks to assist all organizations and platforms in understanding and utilizing various digital marketing and productivity techniques.



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Social issues Politics Historical topics Diplomacy Economy Climate Change International News National or International Security updates

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Short content Infographics created by third-party companies Syndicated material Posts that are excessively editorial, technical, or ambiguous Promoter fees

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Times Glo blog readers come from various walks of life. Therefore, we like to write content that is understandable and interesting. Our blogs are a trustworthy repository of knowledge and insights where they may pick up tips and share their own. Keep this in mind when you write your piece to produce valuable content that will be read by some of the most reputable marketers on the planet.