1. We encourage you to use your analytical skills and write timely, evidence-based analyses on topics that intrigue you.

2. The article should have
(i) Engaging and professional tone of voice

(ii) Academic or op-ed style of publication

(iii) A strong thesis and supporting evidence

3. Your article must meet;

(i) 800-1000 word limit
(ii) Less than 10% plag criteria
(iii) Proper citation (intext hyperlinks)

4. All submissions must be original work. Submissions must NOT be under consideration with other publications and must NOT be published elsewhere. We encourage authors to use Grammarly (a free grammar checking service) to help you proofread your piece before submission. Also, make sure that every information piece is accurate and factual.

5.Send us your articles to become a published author at the given email:


Make sure to include your category as the subject line, a short description of what you have written, your bio, and a picture.

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