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Easing Eco-anxiety

Fear has a great place in individual’s minds, making them suspicious about little things. We witnessed an era where a series of dystopian literature...

Sustaining the Blue Economy

In the realm of global economics, the "blue economy" stands as a beacon of promise, encapsulating the vast potential of sustainable ocean-based industries. Yet,...


India and Iran Deepen Maritime Ties: 10-Year Chabahar Port Contract Signed

India has signed a 10-year agreement with Iran to manage Chabahar Port, a key connectivity link to Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Eurasian space....

Secularism in India and the fate of minorities in the near future

Is India truly a secular state, as mentioned in its constitution?  What are the contradictions between the principles of secularism and BJP's Hindutva ideology? ...

Personalized Learning for All: The Democratizing Power of AI

The global education system is undergoing a paradigm shift due to the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. AI is revolutionizing education by...