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Trade policies and its impact on Poverty

Trade policies wield significant influence over poverty levels globally. The intricate relationship involves the impact of economic, social, and political factors. One primary mechanism...



Devastating Floods of 2022

In mid-June 2022, as the monsoon season descended upon Pakistan, little did its citizens anticipate the impending disaster that would unfold, devastating floods of...

Impacts of Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies for Climate Disasters

Climatic change in Pakistan, like numerous other regions globally, is a significant, unsettling and pressing issue. As Pakistan faces many changes in its climate...


Divide: A World Enchanted by Polarization in 2024

We have already witnessed global transformation due to geopolitical conflicts, pandemics, global recession and shifts within nations and at the international level. That means...

Political Instability is causing Economic Instability in Pakistan

In the world of nation-building, the delicate balance between political stability and economic well-being is like a tightrope walk. One misstep can lead to...

Threats to Democracy in a Changing World

In recent years, the world has witnessed a concerning resurgence of authoritarianism, posing significant challenges to democratic values and institutions. This article explores the...



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