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Cyber Diplomacy: Navigating Global Challenges in the Digital Era

Cyber Diplomacy: Global Challenges in the Digital Era. French Prime Minister Clemenceau once asserted that war is too consequential to be entrusted solely to...


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Devastating Floods of 2022

In mid-June 2022, as the monsoon season descended upon Pakistan, little did its citizens anticipate the impending disaster that would unfold, devastating floods of...

Impacts of Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies for Climate Disasters

Climatic change in Pakistan, like numerous other regions globally, is a significant, unsettling and pressing issue. As Pakistan faces many changes in its climate...


Threats to Democracy in a Changing World

In recent years, the world has witnessed a concerning resurgence of authoritarianism, posing significant challenges to democratic values and institutions. This article explores the...

The Center Of Global Politics

Soon after assuming office as the United States president on January 20, 2021, President Biden started his presidency with two foreign trips. His first...

Is Pakistan military discombobulated this time?

Pakistan’s history of 76 years has been full of twists and turns, some predicted and some appearing out of nowhere. To understand military involvement...


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