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The Impact of Climate Change on National Security of Pakistan

As part of efforts to increase awareness and address the problem of climate change, Pakistan held World Environment Day last year in collaboration with...



Food Insecurity in Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects

This paper will focus on the state of food security in Pakistan and highlights challenges and prospects . Pakistan is the fifth most populous country...

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Water Crisis in Pakistan

There are various  factors that have contributed to the water crisis in Pakistan, such as an increase in population in urban areas, agriculture, overpopulation...

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National Security of Pakistan – Times Glo

National Security:- National security is the ability of a country’s government to protect its citizens, economy, and other institutions. Pakistan, the ‘land of the pure'...

Putin Attacks Ukraine – Is World Near Full-Blown Military Conflict

A great scholar referring to the First World War said “This is a war to end all wars.” No wonder therefore, the human history...

Evolution of Pakistan’s National Security Policy

Like any other nation-state, Pakistan envisions national security as the ultimate goal of its foreign policy. All concerned state institutions provide their input in...

China’s Crimes Against Humanity; Targeting Uyghur Muslim

Human rights in china; china was raised as an economic power in the world with a complex political system or Confucius civilization challenging the...

Is there going to be a civil war ; An American Civil War 2.0?

A surprising second happened at the pinnacle of the appalling brutality that emitted on the means of the U.S. Statehouse on January sixth, 2021....


The Long Term Effect of Child Abuse

The Long Term Effect of Child Abuse on the Health and Well Being of Adolescents Introduction The early years of childbirth are crucial to a child's...

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