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Palestinian Youth: Intersections of Trauma, Identity, and Resilience

Amid the challenges posed by the conflict in Palestine, young Palestinians are navigating a delicate balance of strength, self-discovery, and healing while overcoming imposed...

Building a More Inclusive Pakistan: Solutions for Transgender Equality

Abstract This paper will analyse the grievances faced by the transgender community in Pakistan. They are politically, economically and socially disintegrated from the  society. In...

Why Baloch Are Protesting?

Background of Conflict in Balochistan Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and the...

Causes and Realities of Down Syndrome

Introduction In this article, we will try to understand the Causes and Realities of Down Syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects individuals...

Unraveling the stigma: Kotha culture

In a wide hall with Mughal architecture and fountains, a veiled, thinly cladded woman sits bound tight with chains. Some of these chains lay...

Mystery of Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan

Mystery of “ Enforced Disappearances”

The Forgotten Words of M.A Jinnah | Minorities in Pakistan

The Forgotten Words of M.A Jinnah minorities rights in pakistan

Like a dog

“Like a dog,” said Kafka’s protagonist at the conclusion of “The Trial”, marking his extra-judicial execution at the hands of the police in a...

Countering religious extremism in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to a diverse array of ethnic groups, languages, and religious communities. While Pakistan was established on the two-nation theory, providing a...

The Indispensable Role of the Pakistan Army

Pakistan, a nation with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage, has faced numerous challenges since its inception. However, amidst these challenges, the Pakistan...
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