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Sanan Hassan Lashari

Sanan Hassan Lashari is a student of international relations at BZU Multan. He is keen observer of events happening at global level and love to give his opinions on them with the application of international relations theories.

Building a More Inclusive Pakistan: Solutions for Transgender Equality

Abstract This paper will analyse the grievances faced by the transgender community in Pakistan. They are politically, economically and socially disintegrated from the  society. In...

Divide: A World Enchanted by Polarization in 2024

We have already witnessed global transformation due to geopolitical conflicts, pandemics, global recession and shifts within nations and at the international level. That means...

A shift in Biden’s foreign policy 

US President Joe Biden has confirmed that he will visit Saudi Arabia next month. This is a shift the invasion has affected in Joe Biden’s...

Why did Super power Fail in Afghanistan?

Why did Super power Fail in Afghanistan? Origin of Taliban The Taliban’s originated during the soviet war in Afghanistan. There were multiple groups in the name of...

Global re- ordering

Global re- ordering   World in under transition from a Unipolar moment of US to a multipolar sphere. The contemporary dynamics of global political economy and...

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