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Faisal Riaz


Imran Khan’s Political Journey

A politician raised in the lap of power and rode to power on their coattails must feel excruciating pain when his party and himself...

Pakistan’s Burdened Economy

Pakistan's economy has long been burdened by heavy debts and reliance on international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With 22...

Examining the Promises and Realities of the Agriculture

This year, the agriculture budget is difficult to comprehend: what it is for and what it will accomplish next year, especially in light of...

“Preserving Electoral Legitimacy: NavigatingChaos and Uncertainty in Pakistan’s Democracy”

The Turkish election appears to be heading toward a run-off poll after a close race, with neither candidate achieving 50 percent of the vote....

The Rise and Fall of Imran Khan

It must be excruciatingly painful for a politician who was raised in the lap of power and rode to power on their coattails to...

A Path to Counter Extremism in Pakistan

Extremism poses a significant threat to Pakistan's stability and progress. To effectively counter this menace, adopting a comprehensive approach that focuses on empowering communities...

“Unmasking Extremism Violence: Exploring Roots and Impact in Pakistan”

Extremist militants gain support from those who reject criticism of religious extremism alone, emphasizing the existence of other radical forms. However, addressing religious-based intolerance...

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