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Mashal Zahid

The author is a recent graduate from the international Islamic university of Islamabad and has done a BS in International relations.

Pakistan’s Catastrophic Flood; could it be averted?

Introduction This year Pakistan has received nearly twice of usual monsoon rainfall. It has affected more than 30 million people, about 15% of the population....

Pakistan and Tajikistan Recent Trade Relations

Introduction After the disintegration of the USSR, Central Asian states gained enormous prominence in Pakistan's foreign policy. The nearest Central Asian state to Pakistan is...

Possibility of LNG supplies to Pakistan by Russia

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union has imposed sanctions on Russia for this invasion. Russia retaliates by cutting off gas supplies...

How Russia’s gas blockade will impact Europe?

Russia is Europe's single largest source of gas. It depends on Russian natural gas supplies as it is economical and convenient, mainly carried by...

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