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Benjamin Franklin: Biography

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Even before the United States, some exceptions forged their roads to success. Their population skyrocketed in the years after the American Revolution. Massive numbers of people traveled from all around the world to attend. The standard bearer was and is undoubtedly Benjamin Franklin.

To paraphrase one of his more recent biographers, “He was the most talented American of his day and the most influential in constructing the sort of society America would become.” Franklin’s life, not simply his ideals, shows the indomitable American spirit of inventiveness that continues almost immediately to distinguish Americans apart even today.

Early Life of Benjamin Franklin

In 1705, Franklin joined his massive family in Boston as the seventeenth and last child. In his later years, he became a successful scientist, inventor, diplomat, writer, and publisher in the United States. Incredibly, Benjamin Franklin accomplished all this in a single lifetime. He established the University of Pennsylvania, invented bifocal glasses and a new kind of stove, popularized the concept of lending libraries, and established the first fire department in Philadelphia, among many other things.

Aside from his military training, Benjamin Franklin had just the rudiments of an education. His formal education had comprised classroom instruction, self-study, and unofficial learning from others, but it was never finished. His book “Poor Richard’s Almanac” was a best seller because of the helpful advice and witty asides it included. Franklin seems to be at just about every event of note. The concept of the United States owes somewhat to his thinking. He capitulated to the British government’s demands to stave off a war between the two countries. He gave up on his failed efforts and joined the revolutionary cause, fighting for freedom.

Political Contributions

As the American ambassador to France during World War II, he was critical in winning over the French to the Allies’ cause. The rebels’ chances of success would have been far lower without this collaboration. These rebels would have been defeated. The British would have tried him and the Founding Fathers as traitors and killed them. In his seventies and approaching the end of his life, Franklin was again at the center of attention. The new nation achieved its independence, steering the bickering delegates toward a new constitution. He called it a “new order for the ages.”

Franklin single-handedly rescued the enterprise and restored the delegates’ spirits at a low time in the considerable Philadelphia debate on the nation’s founding constitution by calling them to an uplifting prayer. After all, Benjamin Franklin is the one who documented the subsequent events in writing. A republic, if you can preserve it,” he joked when asked what form of government the meeting had established. Franklin thought America was a fantastic creation, a novel kind of government designed for novel types of people.

Literary Contributions

According to Isaacson, Benjamin Franklin “created and constantly rebuilt the most thrilling thing of all.” His book paints a beautiful picture of a guy who relished life’s surprises and had a wide range of interests. Like himself, he was an eternally restless soul who could never settle down. The underlying motivation behind whatever he did was to improve it. He did it in a style that is, once again, very American. He did things like schedule a crew of people chopping wood to build a fort, investigate how locals hid fires, test the properties of electricity, and write up his findings.

Benjamin Franklin turned the question around to himself to answer it. To him, his life wasn’t simply a series of random events; it was a strategy for developing his potential. According to his book, he made a list of the seven characteristics in a single column along the page’s left side. He began by enumerating the days of the week. He had one whole week to focus on the first virtue. Every time he accomplished anything, he marked off the calendar a day. He reasoned that if he could be suitable for seven days straight, he would eventually internalize that virtue. This trait would come to characterize him in later years. His life’s results suggest it was effective.

This guy exemplified the stereotypical American pioneer in every way: he was experienced, humble, and upbeat. People were inspired to immigrate to America when they saw similarities between themselves and Benjamin Franklin. Status in society was meaningless in the United States. Not even the fact that they were from different nations could separate them. The degree of education didn’t matter. It was everything about raw talent, practice, and good fortune. In the United States, you have and always will be able to choose your route professionally. Like Ben Franklin’s writing style. He exemplifies the spirit of individualism and risk-taking vital to pursuing the American dream.

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