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Iranian players refused to sing national anthem in protest

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Recently, Iran’s national football team assembled ahead of their first match of this year’s FIFA world cup. But the Iranian players did not sing their anthem. Instead, they kept their mouths shut. Booing of the national anthem was also heard from some Iranian supporters.

Death of Mahsa Amini

Actually, for a couple of months, the Iranians have taken to the streets in demonstrations. The recent passing of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old lady who passed away while in the morality police of her country, served as the catalyst for them. She had been detained because she had worn her hijab incorrectly. So, it was to show condolence and solidarity to the deceased and to demonstrate disapproval of the policies of the Iranian regime, which has attempted to crack down on the protesters with violent police intervention.

Mahasa Amini File Photo

History of Iranian National Anthems

Let’s briefly peek into the history of the national anthems of Iran so far. They kept changing with the shifting of the rule to different rulers and dynasties. Today’s Iran has a more extended history of national anthems, starting in the late 19th century. Iran’s royal and national anthem between 1873 and 1909 was “ Vatanam” in Persian, “My Homeland.” During this time, it had no official lyrics.

In 1909, the Qajar dynasty of Iran, which ruled from 1789 to 1925, adopted the national anthem, “Salamatiye Doulat-e Alliye-ye Iran.” Later, the new king, Raza Shah of the Pahlavi dynasty, also continued with this anthem from 1925 to 1933.

The Imperial State of Iran also adopted the anthem “Sorood-e Shahanshahiye Iran” in 1933.Raza Shah gave the order for it to be written for the Iranian Literary Association, known as Anjuman Adabi Iran. Mohammed Hashim Afsar wrote its lyrics. This remained the royal anthem of Iran between 1933 and 1979.

“Payne Baada Iran پائندہ باد ایراں” was the official anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran between 1980 and 1990. Abulghasem Halat wrote its lyrics. “Ey Iran,” the de facto anthem of the interim government of Iran, still serves as the country’s unofficial anthem.

“Sarood-e Miliye Jamhuriye Eslamiye Iran” is the current official anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hassan Riahi composed it in 1990, while Sayed Bagheri authored the song’s lyrics. It was adopted after the death of Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini. It celebrates Iran’s Islamic Republic, the ultraconservative theocratic regime that took control of the country in 1979 after the Islamic Revolution.

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