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how’s life

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how's life

Life is very arduous as well as delightful. Life is another name for challenges, trials and tribulations, and to make hard decisions, but it is also the most irresistible, exquisite, and spunky thing. Life is not about just frittering away, it’s about making your life as you want it to be, chasing your dreams, your passion and everything you want to do in life. We all go through a lot of catastrophes, but that doesn’t mean to give up on your dreams. Life is a vision one has towards life; he has a purpose to live that life.

We all ask some questions, like “What is the meaning of life?”, “Why are we here?”, “What is life all about?”, or “What is the purpose of life?”. Well, we asked these questions because we’re broken somehow, by someone, by circumstances, by other situations. But we do not think that whatever is happening let it happen. Yes, it does hurt you, but if it doesn’t hurt you how’ll you be able to make a stronger and better version of yourself.

Life teaches you a lot of things that people can’t teach you. Where you have to be resilient, strong, determined and negotiator. You meet different sorts of people in your life, some of them are positive, others negative. These people had so much impact on your life, some of them motivates you to be a better person and some of them intimidates you.

Well, life hasn’t been fair to everyone, some of them lost their love, some opportunities, some families, some friends but in the end, it makes you so strong, tenacious and contemplated.

Life is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of joy, sorrow, challenges, and triumphs. It’s a journey marked by peaks and valleys, and each step we take contributes to the unique mosaic of our existence. In the symphony of life, every individual plays a distinct melody, creating a harmonious composition that reflects the beauty of diversity.

Accept change wholeheartedly since it’s the only thing that will never change on this constantly changing path. Every sunrise is an opportunity to start over, to pull off the old layers and emerge a stronger, wiser, more compassionate version of yourself. Even though life’s turns and turns are unpredictable, you can control how you choose to respond to them. Select bravery over fear, confidence over pessimism, and resiliency over resistance.

As a compass, dreams point you in the direction of your true north. Nurture your dreams with steadfast faith and consistent work. Recall that obstacles are not signs of failure but rather side trips that take you in unexpected directions. No matter how small, acknowledge your accomplishments and use them as motivation to reach greater heights.

A fulfilling life is an elixir of gratitude. Take a moment to enjoy the small things in life, the beauty all around you, and the priceless lessons you have discovered along the way. Ordinary moments become extraordinary memories when one is filled with gratitude, and abundance is drawn to one who is grateful.

Take good care of your physical and mental health. Your body is the means of transportation for this journey, and a sound body supports a sound mind. Make self-care a priority, pay attention to your soul’s whispers, and schedule quiet time to revitalize your energy.

Keep in mind that you are the one holding the brush to create a masterpiece as you overcome the complex tapestry of life. Paint with passion, boldness, and purpose. Accept life’s ups and downs, for it is in the tango of contrasts that the splendor of life is revealed. You are the creator of your own narrative and the mastermind behind your fate; you are not just an observer. Take up the brush of life with bravery, thankfulness, and a firm faith in the remarkable journey that is being painted by the moments that are passing.

Relationships are the threads that hold us all together in the fabric of life. Make relationships that feed your spirit and lift your soul. Be in the company of people who uplift, encourage, and support you as you grow. Treasure the relationships that withstand adversity, as they serve as the rock, solid foundations that will steadily support you during turbulent times.

Take good care of your physical and mental health. Your body is the means of transportation for this journey, and a sound body supports a sound mind. Make self-care a priority, pay attention to your soul’s whispers, and schedule quiet time to revitalize your energy.

May you discover in the magnificent tapestry of life the courage to follow your dreams, the wisdom to relish joys, and the strength to overcome obstacles. Accept the unknown with an open mind and a spirit of curiosity because the real beauty of life is found in the process of traveling rather than the final destination. I hope you have a day full of affection, chuckling and purpose as you follow your own path. Treasure each moment because, in the end, what makes a life worthwhile are the experiences you have and the influence you have on others. Go forth, then, with thankfulness, fortitude, and a firm faith in the amazing journey that is life.

Maida Irshad

The author is an undergraduate student of Government and Public Policy at National Defence University, Islamabad. She tweets at maidairshad2.

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