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No Use of Crying Over Spilled Milk-Another DTH in Pakistan

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One of the responsibilities of any govt is to create jobs by making investment friendly policies. Without FDI and local investment no country can rely on its resources. Next-generation innovative/projects are necessary to create wealth within the country. Pakistan has experienced macroeconomic instability since the early seventies. Because of the country’s persistent macroeconomic uncertainty, savings and private investment have been discouraged, resulting in low aggregate investment and volatile output levels. Unfortunatility, we have not learned anything from our past experiences.

Present examples are enough to think and change our mindset. DTH (direct to home) launching, license was awarded in 2019. Not realizing how much FE is going out from country, Own losses as, asset (Satellite, one melted,2ed end of life 2026, public money wasted) started with various hindrances by market players, regulators and very own Satellite operator. Knowing DTH is a deep pocket project with slow ROI.

On the other side we see the slogans by GoP e.g “DIGITAL Pakistan”, connect the underserved areas, giving various incentives to investors. Big delegations going abroad and telling Pakistan is an investment friendly country, one window operation etc etc. License to Star link, latest technology ready to come, ready to pay, create jobs but stuck up somewhere. Interesting thing is starlink applied for license in Pakistan somewhere in April 2022 and in India in November 2022. On the other side, India has given license to three LEO satellite service provider, Eutelsat One Web and Jio Satellite Communications are the other two companies that have the approvals or necessary licenses from the govt to offer satellite broadband in the country.

Now who’s at fault, what will happen now, as in case of DTH (gray market) million of USD is going out despite Supreme Court Of Pakistan orders on Indian DTH and legal action against suppliers Indian DTH are openly available, same will happen for broadband services, which will be too difficult to find and control and help in gray traffic and other illegal activities. India started with six DTHs licenses we are holding one, they have given three licenses to LEO operators and we are still thinking. One must learn from his mistakes, if not then recall an old saying” A wise Enemy is Better than a stupid Friend” Time and opportunity never wait for slow movers.

Sadaquat Liaquat
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