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Mystery of Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan

Mystery of “ Enforced Disappearances”

The Dark Web: Unveiling the Hidden Side of the Internet

"The Dark Web is a reflection of the criminal underworld, showcasing the adaptability of crime to technological advancements. Its anonymity fosters a parallel economy,...

The Rich Resources Mountains of Ex-FATA

The USSR invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the US-led War on Terror against terrorists in Afghanistan in 2001 were terrible events for the...

Feudalism in Sindh’s Politics: Empowerment or Impediment?

As I set out to explore the enigmatic labyrinth of feudalism in Sindh, Pakistan, I was confronted with a rich tapestry of historical roots...

“Democracy vs Authoritarianism: Why we need democracy?“

A country’s progress and prosperity depend upon the kind of political system it has and whether it is aligned with the preferences and interests of the people. In...

“The Taliban between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea concerning TTP”

The coming of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan in 2021 was supposed to be a good omen for the Pakistani deep state. Pakistan...

The Corruption Chronicles: Cheating for Cash in the Examination Center

The examination center, a sacred ground where academic integrity prevails, serves as a bastion for testing knowledge, fostering excellence, and rewarding merit. However, envision...

Electoral Politics in Pakistan

The founding leaders of Pakistan envisioned a political system that would truly represent all its people, regardless of their social status, religion, or economic...

“Sectarian Cleavage in Pakistan”

Pakistan has always been on a round trip between Religious Conservatism and Political Radicalism. Conversely, the founding fathers of Pakistan were westernized and saw...

“The malaise of political uncertainty: A way forward through public policy advocacy”

The political uncertainty in Pakistan has put its moribund economy in touch-and-go condition. Failure to compromise among political elites in the recent past virtually...

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