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  • Like a dog

    Like a dog

    “Like a dog,” said Kafka’s protagonist at the conclusion of “The Trial”, marking his extra-judicial execution at the hands of the police in a Totalitarian Justice system, and here the one condemned to die was 14-year-old Arsalan Naseem’s father, owing to the mental agony inflicted by the Punjab Police. Post the 9th May strikes, the…

  • Domestic violence in Pakistan

    Domestic violence in Pakistan

    Introduction Domestic violence is described by the World Health Organization as “physical, psychological, or sexual coercive actions against women by an intimate partner, either present or past.” It is also defined as “any acts of gender-based and other physical or psychological abuse perpetrated by a responder against women, children, or other vulnerable individuals” under Pakistan’s…

  • Women need Revolution Not March

    Women need Revolution Not March

    Is Aurat March Helpful? Do the women in their homes, in the cities, in the rural areas, in the backward areas; in Pakistan. Suffering domestic abuse have any clue about the women day on 8th march?. Do they really know what Aurat march is. Or there is something actually called Aurat march for the rights…

  • The Human Rights Campaign

    The Human Rights Campaign

    Introduction: The Human Rights Campaign, the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of thought and speech, the right to employment and education, and many others are all protected. These rights are available to everyone, without exception. A human rights team is present in almost all multi-dimensional UN peacekeeping missions. The…