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Renewable and Nuclear Energy for Pakistan’s Sustainable Development

Introduction Employing renewable and nuclear energy can help Pakistan overcome its lingering energy crisis, address climate change and achieve the sustainable development goals. Sustainable Development Goals...

Women need Revolution Not March

Is Aurat March Helpful? Do the women in their homes, in the cities, in the rural areas, in the backward areas; in Pakistan. Suffering domestic...

Best Free Antivirus For Microsoft windows

If you are looking for the greatest free antivirus for Microsoft windows, you should know that many security program makers supply the basic safeguard...

Finest Antivirus Program For Your Pc

If you're trying to find the Finest Antivirus Program security software for your computer, you'll come for the right place. The most recent versions...

Pakistan’s National Security & its changing dynamics : the past & the present

“National security" is a concept that has been globally redefined, subject to the changing dynamics of world politics and the emergence of new threats...

Staying away from Outdated Wedding ceremony Trends

If you are planning your wedding day, you may have come around a number of past wedding dating asian women trends. A few of...

Climate change; causes, effects, and solutions

Climate change; causes, effects, and solutions The variations in the weather conditions. The world is one degree Celsius warmer than the preindustrial era. The change is...

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