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Violence and violent situations-A Critical Analysis

Introduction This essay examines violent situations through a critical lens. I have about seven examples of violence from various parts of the world. and analyzed...

Will China overtake America?

Introduction People have been living under the American order since the end of the cold war. The liberal order is still working vigorously across the world....

Impact of Fifth-Generation Warfare on Pakistan

Non-kinetic warfare, or "Fifth-generation of war," is a concept introduced by Robert Steele in 2003. This “war of information and perception” (as defined by...

The Political Economy of War

Introduction Have you ever wondered, despite being so destructive, why wars continue to be a defining and dominating feature of our political economy? The End...

War in Syria and Threats to Non-Combatants

War in Syria and Threats to Non-Combatants This paper will analyze the War in Syria which has been a threat to non-combatants. The civilians are...

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