Unity in Diversity – Promoting national integration of Pakistan

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Interfaith, unity, law and order and national integration is essential to bring “guaranteed long term peace and stability” in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the country which has various cultures, races, religions, genders, and languages. We can simply call Pakistan a land of unity in Diversity where people of different manners, lifestyles, thought, norms and cultures live peacefully together. Different people from different religions of Pakistan belong to different races, ethnicity and sects. Regardless of all this people live together with special bond of humanity. “We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race” Kofi Annan. National integration and unity is reflected in every aspect of Pakistani culture. Majority of the population is follower of same religion which lead Muslims to live with minorities with peace and love as prescribed by Islam. Unity in Diversity promotes peace and brotherhood within the people under the flag of National integration and unity. Unity in Pakistan is a biggest and unbreakable source of strength for Pakistan. The flag of Pakistan also reflects the unity in Diversity culture where the green part of flag symbolize Muslims , white part symbolize minorities and the moon and star represents the message of peace, cooperation, integration and brotherhood. As it is said by Helen Keller “Alone we can do soo little; together can do so much”.



Pakistan is blessed with the most favorable geographic location by Allah. We are blessed with all 4 season and have a variety of geographical landscapes which includes plains , plateaus and mountains. Every reigion have it’s different but unique geographycal attraction. If one reigion has pretty clean beaches ,the other one have gaint mountains ; if one has five rivers and forests ,the other one have appealing sandy deserts. If one has alluring valleys, the other one have snow covered peaks and glaciers. Not only this the geography of the reigion decides the language, festivals, cuisines and clothing of people e.g some reigions like northern area, Koh e suleman reigion, makran reigion, and kohistan reigion are remarkable here.


Cultures evolved and change with passage of time and history helps us to understand diversity of the culture. Pakistan emerge on the map of world 76 years ago but history of pakistani culture is approx 5000 years old. We found out cultural roots in era of aryans and still have remains of Indus valley civilization, migration of Muslims in the reigion, Mughal empire and British colonialism. As a collective an Asian culture is known for its family values, respect for elders and love for childrens. When we look just little more on our cultural values we can find many customery practices such as hospitality, some practices we do in our weddings, funerals and other events ( varies in every reigion and religion ).We can say Pakistan is a multicultural country. Foreigners who come Pakistan got amaze by seeing that much colours of cultures living togather. Culture according to Taylor is “it is that complex whole including beliefs, art, religion, values, norms, ideas, law, thought, knowledge, custom, and other capabilities acquired by a men as a member of society” we can also define culture as a way of learning, eating, drinking, behaving, walking, working and dressing etc. The eating culture, dressing culture and others varies in every reigion of Pakistan.


The population of Pakistan is diverse too in sence of religion. Religious is an essential part of every single humans belief ,behavior and code of conduct of everything. People living in Pakistan are mostly Muslims as The Islamic republic of Pakistan was primarly founded for religious contemplations. Christianity, Hinduism, sikhism, and Zoroastrianism are some of the common religions follow by the Pakistani people. According to census of 2017 approx 96% of population are Muslims and approx 4% of population are non muslims( followers of Christianity, sikhism, Hinduism etc). Due to this religious diversity we can see visible differences in people’s eating and wearing choices.


The number of languages spoken in Pakistan made Pakistan a multilingual country. National language of Pakistan is known as Urdu (previously known as rekhta). Urdu emerge as a language of communication between soldiers and other people, where people of different languages had to find a way by whom they communicate. Urdu is a mixture of languages such a as Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Italian etc. Urdu is widely spoken language in Pakistan, on other hand English is also spoken commenly between professionals and considerable in educational institutes. Reigional languages are one of the thing which is different in every reigion and a cause of unity in Diversity. Reignol language transform it’s dilect, accent and vocabulary in every ten kilometers radius. There are approximately 77 established languages in Pakistan Some common reignol languages are Punjabi, pashto, Sindhi, Pothwari, Balochi, kashmiri, lasi, siraiki, brahvi, hindko, etc


As we discussed about religion diversity. The festivals also depends on the religious believes of people. Muslims celebrate their religious festivals while minorities also enjoy their religious festivals within the country. And some are natinol Festivals which everyone in a nation can celebrate. Festivals in Pakistan reflects the countries diverse co living. Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Shab e barat, Shab e mairaaj, Holy, Divali, Raksha bandhan, Nauratri, Easter, Christmas and Basant are some of the festivals of Pakistan. Some other reignol festivals such as Sibi mela, Kalash festival On other hand events like independence day, Pakistan day and defence day are some of the national events that are celebrated all around the country. These festivals not only promote harmony and unity but also reflects country’s rich traditions and heritage, and a reminder of one nation one body.


No culture can be a fascinating culture without it’s distinctive cuisine. The list lf popular food is longer then one may imagine. Food in Pakistan is rich and spicy and also varies according to reigions, religions and provences. Some provences and reigions like spicy foods and some like less spicy food. Religions make food different like Muslims eat meat while Hindu community are mostly vegetarians. Lassi, sherbat, rabri dodh, sugarcane juice, thadal, doodh patti and sattu are the drinks that every Pakistani know about. Saag, yakhni pulao,multani sohan halwa, naan paye and murgh cholay from Punjab, sajji, roosh and roasted chops from Balochistan, Sindhi biryani, nihari and fish curry from Sindh, chepli kebab, shinwari karahi, dumpukht, and namkeen gosht from Khyber pakhtunkhwa can make anyone crave. While one cannot miss the mouth watering and flavorful taste of Pakistani street food such as tikka boti, shawarma, pakora, bhutta (corn), chola chat, french fries, dahi bhallay, samosa, faloda, and kulfi etc. No one can exactly count as there is a huge number of other food items which list go on and on and never ends.


A number of dresses is worn in Pakistan. People in Pakistan always proud on their national dress (shalwar and Qameez) for men and women’s take duppata along with this. Each province has its own beautiful varient , style of shalwar kameez. Muslims mostly wear clothes according to their religion, while minorities also wear clothes according to their religions. Elegent, exquisite and consummate colours and designs, variety of fabrics such as silk, lawn, cotton, shiffon etc makes the Pakistani attire more unique and wonderful. Punjab is famous for Lungi, Dhoti, Kurta and khussa ;Balochi shalwar, Dastaar and phashik are popular among balochs ;The famous Sindhi attire has Chunri, Lehnga choli and Julaba ;Sharai, chogha and Kullah are famous pathani wearings. On other hand how one can forget white enormous turbans of Balochistan, Sindhi caps and Ajrak shawls from Sindh, khussa and pagri of Punjab and famous waist-coat and pathani topi of northern areas, heavy white churi wear by females of tharparkat, are soo megnifsent make anyone in love. Every dress has its unique look and promotes unity within the people.


Accepting diversity is a way to promote national integration. National integration which means for the acknowledgement and sence of belonging of a common identity in-between the citizens of country. National integration is one of the element which plays most vital role in contemporary era in the making of a nation. National integration keeps the entire country well-connected, organized and strong , regardless of the diversity of culture, religion and language. A country like Pakistan where people live with such a huge diversity, with a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society, national integration there not only object to bind and unite People together, but also become a reason of better environment to live in peace and prosperity.


National integration is important in Pakistan, aim of national integration in a diverse country is to keep country stable, helps in the development of the country, promotion of loyalty for the country, the ability of subordinance, boosting the feeling of nationalism, unification of countryman, builds a unified sense of consciousness and belongingness, endorsement of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and Increasing the economic and political stability.


Education, cultural unity and equity among people is a best possible way to promote national integration. Tolerance and respect for eachother also mean to promote national integrity. Proper administration and law and order in a country can be a reason of integration between people of state, on other hand activities such exposure visits, talks between people of different diversities on national level, seminars, conferences on such topics where people tell the audience about the concept it’s aim, challanges etc can also promote national integration within countryman.


National integration is a key concept to unify the nation but there are also some challanges which we count in Diversity but they actually are obstacle towards national integration. Voilence among communities and minorities, Provencialism, casteism, narrowness of views and acceptance, political unstability (due to lack of good leadership), economic unstability and injustice (due to wrong policy desicions), lack of social sence And frustration and uncertainty among the people of state. These such things are increasing challanges to national integration in Pakistan. For many States National integration is an important policy goal. No doubt Pakistan is a country full of diversity which makes it unique from other countries. National integration is an important thing which lead a country towards prosperity, development and wellness of people but only when we continuesly does efforts to promote it and encounter the challanges which not let people towards integrity.

Fatima Rasool
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Fatima Rasool currently persuing bachelors degree in International relations from Lasbela University of Agriculture Water and Marine Sciences Uthal. Successfully completed internship at ISPR on Media and security and Ministry of foreign affairs in CARs and ECO division. participated in provencal round Balochistan of modelcci by in collaboration with HEC and Senate of Pakistan.

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