Women need Revolution Not Aurat March

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Do the women in their homes, in the cities, in the rural areas, in the backward areas; in Pakistan, suffering domestic abuse have any clue about the women day on 8th march? Do they really know what Aurat march is or there is something actually called Aurat march for the rights of women. Do the people who come out on the roads represent these women; deprived of their rights, victims of sick mentality of men, victim of domestic abuse? Do the futile slogans ‘ mera jism meri marzi’ help these women raise voice for themselves at least in their homes or demand their rights or get rid of the suffering or protect themselves from being beaten or come out of their homes knowing they are safe. Does Aurat march protected or saved girls and women from being raped, harassed and abused? Does Aurat march played any role in ensuring the safety of women? Is Aurat March helping? Will Aurat March help?

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On 8th of March, people come out on the roads in the cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and some others holding placards’ and raise their voice for the rights of women I believe, some people give speeches representing the women of Pakistan I believe, media coverage, and then go home. Whole day was about women, dedicated to women; Women day. Next day, on March 9, back to routine life; normal day. People who came out on the roads for Aurat March representing women they forgot about the rights of women the rest of the whole year and next year again on 8th of march they will raise voice for women. What about the rest of year, what good is the one day for women. What about the women who are being domestically abused by their husbands even on 8th of march and the rest of year and is unable to do anything about it because she has no support, she has no idea how to survive this suffering, she has no idea what her right is under the constitution of Pakistan because there is no such bill for women so they can protect themselves from the sick mentality of their husbands or even there is a bill she is unaware or even if she is aware she knows that it lacks practical implementation and yet she knows that at the end she will be the one suffering.

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If there would be some bill, if she knows that she has some legal rights, if she knows that she can held her husband accountable for this crime, if she knows that this is called domestic abuse which is a crime, if she knows that she can report domestic crime, if she knows that her voice will actually be heard, she would not have this much bruises on her body, she would not be in pain, she would have protected herself. But unfortunately she can’t do anything because she is unaware, because people don’t come out in their streets for them, because there is no such system, because there is no practical implementation of the law and the existing bills. She only knows that she is a woman living in Pakistan. And we don’t raise voice for these women on Aurat march, and if we do, we forget about them the rest of year, why are we not demanding from the government to pass the bill for the protection of women in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Why are we not continuing our march until and unless we ensure that the bill is being practically implemented and these thousands of women who are victims, their voice will be heard, they will not continue suffering, they will be saved? These women are present in almost every family, in every street of every city and villages and this Aurat march is not helping them, these slogans and placards are not helping. I myself can’t help the woman I am seeing the victim of domestic abuse despite Aurat march every year how am I supposed to help her by coming out on the road and back home at the end of the day without any change. Women need revolution not march.

One Aurat march every year will not bring any change. Noor Mukhadam is one case in front of us, an example which has given women of Pakistan a hope. This was a change; this was a hope that after this, women will come stronger. If every year, we observe more of these women who are victims getting justice, we will see the numbers declining from thousands to hundreds and one day we might achieve victory; Victory of Women. But again Women need revolution not march. Revolution will bring change, Aurat march will only help those people who can get media coverage, help this elite faction achieve their purpose. They have changed the meaning of Aurat March which was supposed to be for women, demanding the rights of women, which needs to be highlighted first.

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