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Internet explorer end of life 2022

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The Internet Explorer browser was discontinued on June 15, 2022, after 27 years of service. With IE mode, Microsoft Edge has been the substitute for legacy websites. Internet Explorer-based webpages and apps should open in Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer mode.

After June 15, Microsoft Edge will replace iexplore.exe, even if Internet Explorer is still on your PC. In a similar vein, Microsoft Edge will replace I.E web browser automatically.

End of life for Internet Explorer

An era looks to be coming to an end as the I.E end of life occurred. In 1995, I.E browser, originally known as Microsoft Internet Explorer, was made available as a free add-on for Windows. After that, it was freely available and included in Windows 95 OEM service releases.

Opening Microsoft Edge

Because there weren’t many popular online browsers at the time, I.E quickly became the preferred option for Windows users. Microsoft launched 11 versions of Internet Explorer between 1995 and 2013, each of which added some fresh functionality.

Microsoft official Web Browser

This Microsoft official web browser used to govern 95% of all web browser usage, but that percentage has recently severely dropped to just 0.62 percent. The Internet Explorer, as its name suggests, was the sole way to browse the Internet back in the 1980s and 1990s for many people, especially young people. It will not be incorrect to state that its legacy will endure.

The only two browsers at the time that permitted programmatic access to create pictures, components, and links were Internet Explorer and Netscape. Additionally, most people are unaware that I.E 3 was the first browser to use CSS.

Internet Explorer has lost its allure and appeal as a result of the emergence of numerous other, fiercely competing web browsers. And it results towards the end of life of I.E . Not to mention the huge lags between version updates and new releases as well as its much-maligned speed issues. 

Dominating the Market

Internet Explorer dominated the market in the early 2000s, but then rival web browsers like Opera and Firefox entered the market, followed by Google Chrome, which featured a number of contemporary features and was really fast. In favor of Microsoft Edge, the company’s most recent release, Microsoft stopped releasing new capabilities for Internet Explorer in 2016.

Those who used Windows PCs in their homes, companies, and schools in the late 1990s and early 2000s would undoubtedly look back on them with fondness and remember the Internet Explorer with nostalgia.

Alternative Web Browsers

Since alternative web browsers began to dominate the internet, the I.E has gained notoriety, particularly for its sluggish pace. The browser that is only used to download other browsers was how it was originally described. In January 2015, I.E was formally replaced by Microsoft Edge, and in Windows 11, it was also taken off the Start menu.

A brief history of Internet Explorer

The internet quickly rose to the top of Microsoft’s priorities in 1995. Web advancements, according to a memo from Bill Gates, then-CEO of Microsoft, “will shape the trajectory of our industry for a long time to come.” Microsoft provided Internet Explorer as part of the free Windows 95 operating system. It swiftly gained ground.

Internet Explorer in windows 95

With Windows, the most popular PC operating system in the world, the I.E web browser gained a commanding lead in browser market share. Because of this tactic, Microsoft was able to compete with Netscape Communications’ Navigator browser at the time.

Antitrust Lawsuit

The U.S. Justice Department labelled the inclusion of I.E with Windows 95 as an “illegal tie-in” when it brought its historic antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft in 1998. The company modified the terms of its contracts with device manufacturers to permit them to take the browser’s icons out of Windows if they want to highlight rival browsers.

Internet Explorer Unsafe

Internet Explorer’s reputation has also been harmed by other problems. In 2004, a security expert called using the browser “foolish.” “Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006” was the headline of an article that appeared in The Washington Post. 

Following the discovery of one vulnerability in 2014, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security advised anyone who couldn’t follow Microsoft’s mitigation recommendations to think about using a different browser. These problems result in the end of life of I.E .

Other Web Browsers

The performance of the Internet Explorer browser wasn’t always the best. When Chrome first came out in 2008, its speed especially astounded users. That had been planned. Speed, stability, and security were the three S’s that Google chose when deciding on the values for Chrome, according to Aaron Bodman, a former Chrome engineering manager.

Internet Explorer

Even now, the performance gap with the I.E web browser is obvious. It can’t compete with Chrome, Edge, or Apple’s Safari in terms of how it handles the widely used HTML5 markup language.

Over a 25-year period, digital preferences evolved. With the advent of Chrome in 2012, Google gained the upper hand in the browser battles and the smartphone became a ubiquitous companion for billions of people.

Using Chromium, the open-source project that powers Google’s Chrome browser, Microsoft introduced a new version of Edge in 2020. This version of Edge included I.E mode, allowing enterprise workers to use Edge to access websites made for Internet Explorer. Last year, Microsoft recommended users switch from I.E to Edge.

Internet Explorer converted to Edge

The corporation is currently making its original browser even less visible.

Microsoft is now trying to get users of Internet Explorer to switch to Edge, which has a 4 percent market share, according to privately held Stat Counter data. According to Lynder, the business will transfer Internet Explorer settings, passwords, and favorites to Edge. He claimed Edge is “the greatest browser for Windows.”

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