Pakistan: A politically defaulted State

Pakistan is a politically defaulted state as it has been never through a stable political situation after the no confidence motion April 2022 against PTI regime. The PDM coalition government was unable to hold strong centralized government. The legitimacy of PDM was severely undermined or completely eroded because it has not been capable to hold the needs and aspirations of public leading to a lack of trust and support from the population. Public institutions of administrative bodies, judiciary, NAB and parliament are showing a gradual failure. The economic turmoil due to high inflation, unemployment and lack of inflation, a huge brain drainage with the last year and failure of the government to implement clear and effective economic policies due to delay in talks with IMF has leaded to a severe political crisis.

Humanitarian issues have been also breaking out due to shortage of food shortage due to increase in the prices of food items. Considering this scary situation the government introduced cheap floor scheme which caused very tragic situation at the distribution centers as there were very large number of people   . This shows a huge population is facing food shortage.

The political situation is becoming worse day by day after the mob attacks on the state properties such as GHQs on May 9, the public which was apparently protesting against the arrest of Imran Khan in the Al Qadir Trust Case. After that there was a very violent reaction by the supporters of PTI and caused a law and order situation. After that the state machinery came into movement which led to arrest of all the political leadership of PTI. After the happening of this PTI started falling like a sand’s castle, till now many of the senior leaders and closed companions has left PTI.

There is very unique pattern in which first the PTI leaders are arrested by police and forced to do a press conference against the events of 9th at GHQS and others state owned properties. It is mentioned by most of the members that there is huge pressure on them to left PTI and Imran Khan by threatening their family. To harass the families is a very immoral step by the authorities. Although no one has named any person or institution of the state but in hidden words there is a serious criticism on the establishment. Imran Khan and PTI supporters are continuously criticizing establishment.

It is a very lame policy of the state to stop the criticism on them by knocking out the most popular political party of the country. This makes the situation tenser because the largest political party and the state institutions are confronting each other. No matter which will win this battle either Imran Khan or the establishment in both cases there would be more precarious situation as the political chaos will become more severe.

In this whole picture PDM government is just like a spectator because they are not taking the responsibility of any event and more focused in the elimination of alleged cases against them. All the cases of corruption against PMLN and PPP leadership are shutting down and none of them found guilty. In this scenario what is the legitimacy of hearings of these cases.

End of freedom of speech is making situation more worse is that many media persons and journalist has been forced arrested by unknown authorities which are not presenting them in court and not telling anything about the charges which have been put on them. This the pattern which has been followed in the cases of Sami Ibrahim and Imran Khan Riaz.

Moeed Yousef and Shabbir Shakir has fled the country due to life threats. These are just four name which has been highlighted by the media community but there is a very extensive list. In this way the accountability of the political actors has been become vastly questionable because there is a continuous bombardment of one side narrative.

The voice of IK and PTI has been silenced by the state, all the news houses has been asked by PEMRA not to broadcast the news talks of Imran Khan. In this way the accountability of politicians by media has been stopped and public is not aware the complete story. Public is on their own and looking towards the political leadership and the state institutions.

The delay in the election from due date is also a factor due to which Pakistan is unable attain political stability. To make the functioning of a democratic country free and fair elections on due time are necessary. In the electoral politics elections and smooth transition of government are one way to achieve and maintain political stability. A

fter the dilution of Punjab and KPK provincial assemblies the elections must held on 14th May but due to many reasons ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) did not hold election which is a clear violation of constitution. It has now taken Pakistan into constitutional crisis because Judiciary has given clear order to hold election to ECP but the implementation on these order is looking impossible. 

Not only the media persons but also the PTI social media activists has been arrested by the authorities which include women also. Thousands of PTI workers have been put into jails due involvement in the 9 May protests. Recently the issue of misbehaves in jails with PTI women activists which were arrested highlighted by PTI. It is linked with the violation of women rights.

Due to all such activities PDM coalition government has been facing pressure from the side of international community. The issue of political crisis in Pakistan has been under debate in the British Parliament. Recently the Australian Government officials have also discussed the uncertainty in Pakistan regarding Political situation. The Australian Parliament has considered to put ban on the army and ISI officials in Australia which a serious proceeding in the international community because due to constant pressure by the Pakistani nationals residing in Australia on the government this step has been taken by the officials.

By considering all the humanitarian, constitutional judicial, economic crisis and international dynamics Pakistan has become a politically defaulted state. There is only one way to get out of this creepy situation is that all the authorities and officials must be take on board. In spite of putting the responsibities on another PDM Coalition government, PTI and Imran, establishment should sit on table and decide what will be the future of Pakistan. The grand democratic dialogue by the participation of all the stakeholders will prove a lifesaving step for a politically ill country.

Usama Abdullah
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Usama Abdullah is a student of School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad