Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan is heading toward a dangerous path

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Iqbal saw the dream of Pakistan and Quid-e- Azam completed his dream with strenuous efforts and struggles. Pakistan become the country for all, Muslims, Hindus, and other minorities. The founder of Pakistan ensures the rights to freedom, religion, and so on , to all minorities living here. Sadly, Pakistan suffered the loss of its leadership soon after its independence which hindered Pakistan’s progress and prosperity. 

Unfortunately, it will not be wrong to say that today, Quid’s Pakistan is heading toward a dangerous path. Perpetual economic crisis, incessant political instability, rising cleavage between civil- Military relations, the politicization of the judiciary, and the violation of press freedom are all factors that have pushed Pakistan toward a dangerous path.

The common man is suffering due to rising inflation, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it has become difficult for the common man to survive in this country. However, still, there is hope that all problems can be overcome and prosperity can be brought through taking pertinent measures.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world, which has the strongest army and larger Nuclear Weapons in Asia, and is on the verge of economic collapse. Its foreign reserves are running out, which has compelled the country to knock on the door of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which will further push the country into a debt trap and inflation.

Unfortunately, no one is taking this economic crisis seriously. Politicians are busy with their fierce  battle over power. Export has decreased to a greater extent, and inflation has risen about 35/.

Dr. Ishrat Hussain writes in his book “Governing the Ungovernable “That it is political instability that demotivates investment and business in the country. The reason for the economic crisis is this incessant political instability.  Politicians never preferred economic interests over political interests.

The relationship between the government and the opposition never improved in the history of Pakistan. Government always tries to crush the opposition. However, strong opposition is necessary for democracy. Zalmy Kahlizada recently writes, that Politicians of Pakistan must put the nation’s interests on top then their interests. Indeed, when they prefer the nation’s interests then the country will move forward toward prosperity and development. 

Pakistan Army is the strongest institution in Pakistan. It is sad to say that, currently, this institution is also abused and disrespected. After the ouster of Imran Khan through a no-confidence motion, khan is blaming Army that it was behind his ouster. No doubt he is a popular leader in Pakistan, so his words are taken seriously by his followers. Sadly, his followers are also criticizing the military. 

Recently, when Khan was arrested in the Al Qadir Trust case from High Court Islamabad by paramilitary forces, his followers directly attacked army buildings and houses which further fueled the fire. However, relations between Khan and the army have aggravated to a greater extent.

There is no denying the fact that the media is essential for democracy in Pakistan. It is one of the principles of Democracy. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, its rights have been violated constantly. Whenever media channels report their news against the government, then they face severe punishment and endure illegal bans on their channels.

When journalists talk against the government then they put them behind bars. Unfortunately, it is a violation of press freedom. It is a violation of freedom of speech. Hence, media and journalists should be given the freedom to a greater extent.

The judiciary is one of the strongest pillars of democracy. It is an institution where all are equal.  It is sad to say that in Pakistan it is not respected. Its decisions are not welcomed and accepted by the heart.

When it announces its decision not in favor of the government, then they, open the arrows of criticism. If it does not decide in favor of the opposition then they open fire on criticism over it. This has been experienced recently when the Supreme Court Of Pakistan decided two important de decisions which restored the National Assembly and Suo Moto on Election in Punjab and KPK elections.

In a nutshell, it can be said that Quid’s Pakistan is heading toward a dangerous path. The sufferings of the common man are increasing day by day. Journalists who spoke the truth are behind bars. Media channels that show reality are banned. The judiciary which decides its decisions according to law and constitution is under severe criticism. Elections have been delayed. However, it shows that Quid-e-Azam’s Pakistan is heading toward the path of Autocracy.

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Jinsar Ali is a student of International Relations at NUML, Islamabad.

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