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Baloch Women and Resistance

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Baloch women have played a vital role in the history of Baloch nation. Their stories of bravery are scripted in the golden pages of history. They have always stood side by side with men in every hard situation. A Baloch child grows up listening to the stories of Bibi Gul, Bibi Banari, Doda’s mother’s bravery, and how, with fortitude, they stood in front of enemies. In today’s world, no one can forget Lumma-e-Watan (Banuk Karima) who preached political awareness in every Baloch house. Today, if we see Baloch women in politics, it’s all the result of her struggle. She was a voice for the voiceless, not just for the Baloch but for every oppressed nation. She sacrificed herself, but never stopped raising her voice for the oppressed nation. Lumma-e-Watan is not with us physically, but she is living in the faces of Sabiha, Mahrang, Imaan, and all those raising their voices against every injustice from which the Baloch are suffering. 

Hundreds of Karima can be found on the streets of Shaal and Karachi. They are raising their voices for their beloved ones. Roads have become their second home. They are subjected to the brutality of so-called defenders; police dragged them through Karachi’s streets. In Shaal, they are being beaten by the forces, yet they demand, “Release our beloved ones.” Farzana Majeed, sister of Zakir Majeed, has been waiting for her brother for 14 years. On June 8, 2009, Zakir Majeed was abducted. Since then, Farzana and her mother have been raising their voice for Zakir’s safe release.

14 years have passed; Sammi and Mehlab are in search of their Eid Moon. They are waiting for their beloved father (Dr Deen Mohd) to come and then they will celebrate Eid like the rest of the children. They have become an example to the rest of the world of their political struggles for their father’s safe release since childhood. Like Sammi and Mehlab, many other children are growing up in a missing persons’ camp. Shari, the niece of missing student leader Shabeer Baloch, has become the “Godi of Shaal”. Shari, at the age of two, was sitting in a 51-day camp in front of the Governor’s house along with other missing persons’ families. Similarly, Fatima has become a Sangat for every student of Shaal. Today, rather than listening to stories, Baloch children themselves have become stories in books and articles.

The rest of the country gave the example of Baloch women who are raising their voices against every injustice. But now, the world has changed. They do not want to be in stories, they want their constitutional rights like the people of Islamabad and Punjab. They want their beloved ones.

Today, Baloch women have become a symbol of resistance, and they have understood this very well that, if they want to fight against the oppression of the state, then it is very noteworthy to take the path of resistance, because resistance is life.

Baloch women are knocking on every door seeking justice, from Shaal to Islamabad. They have left no doors. Advocate Imaan Zainab Mazari Baloch has become an example for so-called activists who are oblivious to the issue of Baloch missing persons. Imaan does not have any interest in becoming an example for others. She wants her Baloch brothers, who are imprisoned in dungeons; she wants the safe release of Feroz Baloch, a student of B.Ed. 2nd semester at Arid Agriculture University. On May 11, 2022, Feroz Baloch was abducted from Rawalpindi, Punjab. He cried and said, “Sir, I am a student. I am going to the library. Let me go to the library. What is my crime? “Where are you taking me?” It has been eight months since Feroz’s books are still waiting in the library. Feroz’s mother is suffering from illness, but she is still raising her voice for her beloved son.

The prevailing situation in Balochistan is not like the way that other provinces think. There is a complete blackout of every activity which is linked with human rights. LEAs are peeved with every Baloch who ask for their constitutional right. Women’s who used to be supportive to their males are now the torchbearers of every agenda that are for the safeguard of Baloch constitutional rights. In addition to the free spins bonus round, Sweet Bonanza 1xbet also includes a Tumble feature, where symbols from winning combinations are replaced by new symbols, allowing for multiple wins on a single spin. There is a kerfuffle in Baloch society that who’s going to face the hardships that one faces for being vocal to the rights of oppressed and Baloch women’s have rightly stood against the prevailing situation.

The obnoxious situation of Gwadar is in the eyes of public, a place meant to be game changer for Pakistan is in dire need of resources for daily purpose. The way Masi Zaini and other women who are on the road against the force who has everything to dismantle any peace protest. Women of Gwadar has become a symbol for every daughter in Balochistan that how one can take part and come out of their homes to counter the hardships that they are currently facing. The people of Gwadar faced eviction and destitution as fishing, their only means of livelihood was stopped by them. They have come out in number to show their anger due to which they faced the worst brutality of security forces, but their morals are not down, and they are still standing in taters against those in power.

Today, Baloch women have become a symbol of resistance, and they have understood this very well that, if they want to fight against the oppression of the state, then it is very noteworthy to take the path of resistance, because resistance is life.

Hairbyar Baloch
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Hairbeyar Baloch is from Turbat kech and has dine BS political science from International Islamic university, Islamabad.

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