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women's struggle

Baloch Women and Resistance

Baloch women have played a vital role in the history of Baloch nation. Their stories of bravery are scripted in the golden pages of...

Women in Medical Research – A History of Innovation

Women have always contributed a lot to the field of medicine. Studies have shown that women can provide better health care than men. From early civilization,...

5 Countries Where Women Farmers Play a Vital Role in Agriculture 

Introduction: Significant growth and the poverty-reduction driver is agriculture. In many nations, agriculture and the rural economy underperform because women must overcome obstacles to boost...

Domestic violence in Pakistan

Introduction Domestic violence is described by the World Health Organization as "physical, psychological, or sexual coercive actions against women by an intimate partner, either present...

History of Women’s Rights

What Are Women's Rights? Women's rights are rights and prerogatives claimed for girls and women worldwide. These rights also form the basis of the women's rights...

Women need Revolution Not March

Is Aurat March Helpful? Do the women in their homes, in the cities, in the rural areas, in the backward areas; in Pakistan. Suffering domestic...

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