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  • Impact of Fifth-Generation Warfare on Pakistan

    Non-kinetic warfare, or “Fifth-generation of war,” is a concept introduced by Robert Steele in 2003. This “war of information and perception” (as defined by Danial Abbot) involves the use of social networks, media campaigns, and artificial intelligence. It is to maneuver the views of people toward their country and makes use of the aforementioned tools…

  • Fifth Generation Warfare and its Challenges to Pakistan

    Fifth Generation Warfare and its Challenges to Pakistan

    War is no longer proclaimed or conducted in the traditional sense; instead, clandestine agents use technical, non-military, multimedia, internet tactics, intelligence analysis, Organizations, non-state actors, spy agencies, disinformation, financial techniques, rebellion, and violence to start a conflict. In this ever-changing world, Pakistan became a nuclear state in 1998, and opponents find it difficult to declare…