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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Daniyal Khan

The author is a graduate in International Relations from the University of Sindh, Jamshoro. He is fascinated by the constantly changing world and wants to explore the causes and ramifications of contemporary state interactions.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Israel’s Unyielding No’s

On October 7, 2023, armed Palestinian organizations in Gaza fired hundreds of missiles into Israel's territory. They also broke over the border barrier frequently,...

Bursting the Myth of Islamic Bomb

Two significant events—the fall of East Pakistan in 1971 and India's nuclear weapons test in 1974—led to the beginning of Pakistan's nuclear program. Therefore,...

The Impact of Climate Change on National Security of Pakistan

As part of efforts to increase awareness and address the problem of climate change, Pakistan held World Environment Day last year in collaboration with...

Fifth Generation Warfare and its Challenges to Pakistan

War is no longer proclaimed or conducted in the traditional sense; instead, clandestine agents use technical, non-military, multimedia, internet tactics, intelligence analysis, Organizations, non-state...

10 Times when United Nations did fail to perform its peacekeeping duties

10 Times when United Nations failed to prevent war and perform its peacekeeping duties In 1956, the United Nations was established in reaction to the...

Problems of more than 2.5 Million Refugees and their status in IHL Uncovered

Problems of Refugees and their status in IHL Conflict always has been a significant driver of population displacement, causing the largest and perhaps most spectacular...

Pandora Papers And Offshore Companies; An indicator of Corruption?

Pandora Papers And Offshore Companies; An indicator of Corruption? Accusations of corruption against political adversaries have long been a part of Pakistan's political landscape, but...

The ever-evolving security paradigm

The ever-evolving security paradigm The world of the 21st century, since its beginning, witnessed new threats and threat perceptions. It saw the terrorist attacks on...

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