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Longest Six in cricket history: The Game of Power and Precision

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In the realm of cricketing glory, the spectacle of smashing boundaries transcends mere runs. We, at Times Glo , bring you an in-depth exploration of Longest Six in cricket history, a riveting journey through the annals of the sport’s most awe-inspiring moments.

Cricket's Longest Sixes Ever

The Essence of a Long Six in cricket history

Cricket, a game celebrated for its amalgamation of skill and strategy, witnesses pinnacle moments when the bat meets the ball in a perfect symphony. A long six is more than just a numerical record; it’s a testament to a player’s prowess and the sheer physics behind a well-executed shot.

Charting the Course: Top 10 Longest Sixes in Cricket History

  1. Shahid Afridi’s Iconic Blast
    Shahid Afridi’s name echoes in the cricketing corridors with his breathtaking Shahid Afridi’s name echoes in the cricketing corridors with his breathtaking Shahid Afridi’s name echoes in the cricketing corridors with his breathtaking six against South Africa.
  2. Yuvraj Singh’s Masterstroke
    Yuvraj Singh, a maestro with the bat, left an indelible mark with his colossal six against Australia. The crowd watched in awe as the ball travel, exemplifying the raw power encapsulated in a Yuvraj Singh special.
  3. The Gayle Storm
    Chris Gayle, a behemoth on the field, unleashed the ‘Gayle Storm’ with a monumental six. This colossal hit is a testament to Gayle’s brute force and timing.
  4. Brett Lee’s 130-Meter Six Against England: A Cricketing Marvel
    Brett Lee, the Australian cricket legend, hit a massive six of 130 meters during a match against West Indies. Lee, part of the 2003 World Cup-winning squad, retired from international cricket in 2012, leaving behind a legacy of 310 Test wickets and 380 One Day International scalps. His aggressive yet graceful style made him one of the era’s finest bowlers.

Among the towering sixes in cricket history, Brett Lee’s strike against West Indies remains iconic. In a Gabba showdown, Lee contributed 47 runs, but it was his massive six that stole the spotlight. This incredible feat is still vividly remembered by cricket enthusiasts.

Notable for his sportsmanship, Lee’s remarkable career included a gripping 2005 Ashes Test at Edgbaston. Despite the aggressive demeanor, Lee showcased resilience, even in adverse situations. Off the field, he earned admiration globally and was one of the rare Australian players cherished in India.

  1. Martin Guptill’s Explosive 127-Meter Six Against South Africa
    New Zealand’s Martin Guptill, dubbed “Two Toes” due to a childhood accident, left an indelible mark on cricket history with his explosive power-hitting. In a T20I against South Africa in 2012, Guptill unleashed a breathtaking 127-meter six against Lonwabo Tsotsobe.
  2. Guptill’s impressive averages in ODIs and World Cups showcase his consistency, although critics argue he faced weaker bowling attacks. As he gears up to face diverse opponents in the World Cup, Guptill aims to prove himself against both minnows and heavyweights.
  3. Liam Livingstone’s 122-Meter Six: A Spectacle Against Pakistan
    Liam Livingstone, a rising star in English cricket, gained attention with a spectacular 122-meter six against Pakistan in a T20I at Headingley. Known for his explosive batting, Livingstone’s innings often leave a lasting impact.

His phenomenal knock of 350 for Nantwich in 2015 marked one of the highest individual scores in one-day cricket history. Livingstone’s versatility and ability to deliver under pressure make him a key asset for England in shorter formats.

  1. Corey Anderson’s Record-Breaking 122-Meter Six Against India
    Corey Anderson’s blitzkrieg in 2014, including the fastest ODI century, captivated cricket fans worldwide. During the first ODI against India, Anderson smashed one of the longest sixes in cricket history.

Anderson’s remarkable performances in IPL 7 further solidified his reputation. Despite controversies, he remained a consistent member of New Zealand’s limited-overs squads, earning a spot in the 2015 World Cup.

  1. Mark Waugh’s 120-Meter Six: A Striking Moment Against New Zealand
    Mark Waugh, overshadowed by his brother Steve, had his share of memorable moments. During New Zealand’s 1997 tour, Waugh faced Daniel Vettori and dispatched the ball 120 meters at the WACA, showcasing his elegant strokeplay.

Waugh’s style drew comparisons to cricketing legends like Stan McCabe, Alan Kippax, Victor Trumper, Charlie Macartney, and Greg Chappell. Despite being underrated, Waugh’s contribution to Australian cricket remains noteworthy.

  1. MS Dhoni’s Towering 118-Meter Six Against New Zealand
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a legendary finisher, left an indelible mark with a towering 118-meter six during India’s 2009 tour of New Zealand. Known for his calm demeanor, Dhoni led India to numerous triumphs, including the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 and the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Dhoni’s association with the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL further elevated his status as a cricketing icon. His leadership and finishing prowess remain unmatched in ODI cricket.

  1. Ijaz Ahmed’s Remarkable 115-Meter Six Against India
    Ijaz Ahmed’s blistering 115-meter six against India showcased Pakistan’s dominance in a memorable match. His remarkable contribution played a crucial role in securing victory and added to the rich history of Indo-Pak cricket clashes.

Ahmed’s powerful strokeplay left an indelible mark, earning him a place in the list of cricketing greats who delivered exceptional performances in high-stakes encounters.


In the dynamic tapestry of cricket, the saga of the longest sixes unfolds as a riveting chapter. Our exploration delves into the history, technique, and impact of these colossal shot

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