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Artificial Intelligence Move Societies Backward | Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

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Artificial Intelligence Move Societies Backward

Technological progress has made tremendous progress in the past few decades, but, sadly, it is not always for good. Modern people have learned how to fly like a bird, as q as a robot, and as efficiently as a machine, but unfortunately, they have forgotten how to act like a human. Science has made advances in communications, computers, artificial intelligence (AI), technological warfare, and cybernetics which have made people slaves to technology. The increasing reliance on modern technology makes humans cold, inactive, and insensitive and successfully deprives humanity of humans.

Mankind’s growing dependence on machines:

When thinking about the daunting question of “how” Artificial intelligence and technology have moved societies backward, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is how machines are becoming more and more “smart” with their powerful computing capabilities. It will damage human abilities; he increasingly relies on machines to perform basic intelligent operations, which ultimately weakens humans’ ability to perform these operations. For example, with the advent of the Internet and smartphones, people rarely try to remember contact numbers, and people rarely make two to four-digit calculations without using a calculator. Research in Japan showed that Japanese youngsters are increasingly dependent on technology to write their language with pre-stored letters, so there is no need for manual learning. The future outlook further shows that this trend will become stronger.

In the previous decades, many people believe that the future of humanity is likely to be “robotic.” With the emergence of “artificial intelligence” in the field of technology, this statement no longer appears to be too idealistic.

Now the question arises of what Artificial intelligence is so that we will discuss the threats posed by artificial intelligence for societies.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a method that allows computers, computer-controlled robots, or software to think intelligently in a similar way to intelligent humans.

Artificial intelligence is realized by studying how the human brain thinks and how humans learn, decide, and work to solve problems. The results of this research are the basis for the development of intelligent software and systems. They can make decisions that will be based on the provided information. They can compare and contrast.  With the information provided on that basis, they can make assumptions and calculations and, to some extent, predict the future. The implementation of artificial intelligence has pierced into our lives. Facial recognition devices that once looked like science fiction or myth are now a reality. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is another miracle of technological progress in the field of “smart machines.”

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is considered the next level thing that will pierce into personal lives in the future. It is predicted that “Robot House Girl” will become a new trend in the upcoming decades. However, the implementation of artificial intelligence is not as harmless as we thought. This also has a particular moral and ethical impact. Many research collaborations believe that higher-level decisions will be left to machines to make in the future; they can take seriously overside the humans. Many companies have also launched “robot lovers” to obtain sexy satisfaction, which has led to severe ethical problems. These types of inventions can lead human societies to disintegration.

Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan:

Artificial intelligence in Pakistan is not as updated as in other countries. But despite that, our society relies on artificial intelligence, which has moved our societies backward. For example, in factories now, machines are used, making the people unemployed. But on the other hand, Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan is progressing as the government is also working to promote to compete with other countries. The opportunities for artificial intelligence in Pakistan are endless. They start with operational efficiency, including increasing productivity and revenue. Artificial intelligence processes raw data for analysis and prediction purposes. Based on this analysis, humans can make strategic decisions to overcome upcoming events. Pakistan is becoming a huge market for artificial intelligence implementation. Pakistan has improved its security infrastructure in the past two decades, such as homemade missiles, air combat, and weaponized drones. Surveillance cameras, facial recognition systems, and cybersecurity used to create safe cities are examples of artificial intelligence in Pakistan. If we talk about the public sector, it lags behind in terms of technological adaptation. A lot of work and focus are needed to improve their adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence.

How AI Works?

Building an artificial intelligence system is a prudent process. It reverse-engineers the human features and capabilities in the machine and uses its computing power to surpass our capabilities.

To understand How AI works, you need to deeply study the various sub-fields of artificial intelligence and understand how to apply these fields to various fields of the industry. You can also take courses in artificial intelligence, which will help you get a comprehensive understanding.

  • Machine learning: Machine learning teaches machines how to make inferences and decisions based on past experience. It recognizes patterns, analyzes past data to infer the meaning of these data points, and draws possible conclusions without involving human experience. This automation of drawing conclusions by evaluating data saves companies manpower time and helps them make better decisions.
  • Deep learning: Deep learning is a machine learning technique. It teaches the machine to process input through layers in order to classify, infer, and predict the results.
  • Neural network: The working principle of neural network is similar to that of human nerve cells. They are a series of algorithms that can capture the relationship between various latent variables and process data like a human brain.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence:

AI is everywhere today. Uses of Artificial Intelligence to recommend what you should buy online next, to understand what you say to virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, to identify people and content in photos, to spot spam or to detect credit card fraud.

What is the Difference between robots and artificial intelligence?

In short, a robot is a machine that may or may not need intelligence to perform specific tasks and has a physical form. And artificial intelligence is a program, so it does not need to be physical.

Artificial intelligence can even run in mobile phones, laptops, and robots, and perform tasks most likely to be related to systems, algorithms, and information-analyzing and calculating certain results.

Importance of artificial intelligence:

  • The importance of artificial intelligence and its subsequent components has long been known. They are seen as tools and techniques to make the world a better place. Not that you have to go to these fancy technical gadgets to use them. You can simply look around, I believe that most of your tasks are done by artificial intelligence.
  • Its importance of artificial intelligence lies in making our lives easier. These technologies are a valuable asset to mankind, and are programmed to minimize manpower. They often have the ability to work in an automated way. Therefore, when operating components related to this technology, human intervention is the least likely to be required or seen.
  • These machines tend to speed up your tasks and processes while ensuring precision and accuracy, so this is what makes them useful and important tools. In addition to making the world a place without errors through simple and everyday technologies, these technologies and applications are not only related to our daily lives and daily lives. It also has an impact on other fields and is of great significance.


Concludingly, artificial intelligence is the greatest blessing in the world today. However, if it is not used the way it should be, it could be the worst damage ever. Therefore, it is time to realize the blessings and curses of this world’s adventure. It is like a double-edged knife that can cut fruit for you, but if used improperly, it can also cut you to pieces. Therefore, understanding this high and sensitive technology became an obligation for people at that time. If used properly and consciously, it has many benefits. So, it can be done very well, but it depends on us.

My self Mujeeb-ur-Rahman. Currently studying in law in well known university of Pakistan SZABUL. I am contributing columnist in various newspaper. I use to write articles, opinions and letters in newspaper.

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