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Lyba Mobeen

My name is Lyba Mobeen. I'm currently pursuing degree of BS-International Relations at Islamic University Islamabad.

Pakistan and Qatar Cordial Maritime Entente’: Beholding a Promised Future

Introduction The foundation of the mutual relationship between the State of Qatar and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is as strong as ox, as peaceful...

Hindutva: A Threat to Secular India or South Asia?

What is Hindutva? Hindutva, a centuries-old concept, is today a growing phenomenon in India and the South Asian region, redefining the country’s domestic politics, behaviour...

Pakistan and US bloc during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979) was an actual event on the international scene, not just for the Soviet Union and Afghanistan but also...

Pakistan And Maritime Labor Convention

What is the Maritime Labor Convention? The Maritime Labor Convention (2006) was approved by The International Labor Conference of ILO in February 2006. The treaty...

Liaquat Ali Khan’s Assassination: The Unsolved Mystery

The following Research paper "the assassination of Liaquat Ali khan" is a piece of “investigative journalism” and being students of Graduate-level, however we could...

Is Afghanistan the Graveyard of Empires ?

Introduction Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires. With its significant geopolitical and strategic location, it serves as a gateway between the highly resourceful and landlocked...

Pakistan Russia Bilateral Economic and Military Relations

Introduction Problem Statement Pakistan relationship with Russia has been one of those lost opportunities to which Pakistan could not cater due to its policy of alignment...

The Chilling Horrors of the Notorious Guantanamo Bay

Introduction The Chilling Horrors of Guantanamo Bay cover an area of 45 square miles on the eastern coast of Cuba. It is under the United...

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