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8 best lifehacks to change your lifestyle to be healthy

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8 best lifehacks to change your lifestyle to be healthy

Have you ever felt that there is nothing new every day you wake up, or your life is stuck at some point? You might also have felt that you have lost the sense of enjoyment and are just ‘killing the time’. These sorts of feelings will eventually lead you to ennui and you will end up feeling every day a burden on you. Well, you can try these basic 8 best lifehacks in your everyday life that will calm your mind and will help you understand life better and to get over these problems. lifehacks

1- Make your bed

The bed is usually one of the most neglected items in the household. Putting it in the words of Admiral William H. McRaven “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”. Making your bed in the morning confers a sense of the first accomplishment. This little step can keep you motivated throughout the day. lifehacks

2- Make your breakfast

Breakfast, usually the forgotten meal among teenagers, can also play role in shaping your lifestyle. The most common breakfast is cereal but if you have time, try something else in the breakfast which involves cooking or taking a bit more time in making it. When you eat a meal that you have cooked by yourself, you will feel a sense of fulfillment. lifehacks

3- Hang your clothes

You might have, or seen your roommate, put clothes on bed when sitting on the chair and then back on the chair when getting in the bed, and this cycle never stopped. There is a proper place for everything where it belongs. It never takes more than a few seconds to hang your clothes but doing so can invoke a sense of cleanliness in your mind.

lifehacks to change your lifestyle

4- Turn off lights when leaving

Apart from conserving electricity, turning off lights, when leaving, can develop a sense of responsibility in one’s self. This small act can slowly eradicate carelessness and could lead you to accomplishing more important tasks. lifehacks

5- Clean your windscreen

A lot of people do not even look at the windscreen before getting into their car and notice their windscreen dirty when they are halfway down the commute. Though they clean it with car wipers afterward, but it would have been much better if they had left with a clean windscreen. lifehacks

This attitude depicts negligence, which can sometimes turn into a disaster. Cleaning your windscreen before getting into a car will make you feel that you have checked your car and have done what was necessary before the start of the journey, making you realize the importance of minor tasks in the long run. lifehacks

6- Clean dishes after eating

Benjamin Franklin left this world a valuable piece of advice “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Time and tide waits for none. No one can predict time, nor can mold it, and can never know what lies ahead. One can only utilize the present moment. Cleaning dishes after eating is a way forward to realizing the importance of time, instead of leaving them as it is and waiting for some ‘special’ time to arrive. lifehacks

7- Perform simple tasks by yourself

Performing simple tasks can boost your self-confidence and can make you less dependent. Sometimes a person is afraid to carry out a simple task, e.g., replacing a light bulb, mounting a television, or washing his car, but he has never questioned himself that what actually lies behind that fear.

He might come up with an excuse of electric shock from replacing a bulb, but if told that it would not happen when the button remained turned off, he would still not be willing to do it. This feeling will never let a person accomplish his goals. Performing simple tasks can slowly help in overcoming such fears of the unknown.

8- Be the first

In his book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill said, “Do not wait; the time will never be “just right”. As a person cannot harness time, he should not wait for the omens to fall in his favor. lifehacks

Sometimes you only get one chance, and you realize its importance when it is lost. Try to be the first in availing these chances. Be the one to greet first; appreciate the work of others; be the first in expressing your feeling instead of waiting for others to make the first move. If someone does not matter the time, it does not mean you should also not.

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