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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Aymen Azeem


A Timeline of important WW-II Battles

No one knew that the war that commenced between Germany and Poland in 1939 will engulf the whole regions of Europe and the Pacific....

What would be life like in The Line: Neom City

All of us in our childhood always wished to live for real in those fantastic Hollywood sci-fi movies. Where everything is clean, block buildings,...

Importance of Dams for a Country

The current situation of flash flooding in Pakistan spread like a wildfire around the globe. People from every corner of the world stand in...

History of the Internet; a brief overview

We live in a world where we cannot imagine a life without the internet. Most of us have almost 24/7- and 365-days uninterrupted access...

4 Infamous Presidential Assassinations in US History

Whenever we study the history of the United States, we come across a dark chapter that is about presidential assassinations. Undoubtedly, young people are...

Pakistan:  protests by families of the disappeared met with intimidation, harassment, and violence

Pakistan is a democratic state that provides and protects the fundamental rights of its citizens. The state is under the obligation to safeguard the...

10 Misconceptions about Global Warming

Global warming vs. Climate change The world is not the same as it was in terms of weather change. The temperature of the earth is...

The I2U2 Summit 2022

The eyes saw another quadruple coalition between the Asian and Western regions to meet the national interests and enhance cooperation. The I2U2 Summit has...

Social Media Influencers-impact on youth

It's been almost a decade since the impact of social media on our lives has increased exponentially. If we look back merely 10 years,...

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