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civil war

Pakistan Russia Bilateral Economic and Military Relations

Introduction Problem Statement Pakistan relationship with Russia has been one of those lost opportunities to which Pakistan could not cater due to its policy of alignment...

Who Won The Battle Of Little Bighorn?

The battle of the little bighorn also referred to as Custer's Last Stand, was an armed engagement between combined forces of the Lakota Sioux,...

Prison and Asylums Reform Movement

Prison and Asylums Reform Movement was reform movement for the mentally ill in 19 century.  Key events, goals and accomplishments of Prison and Asylums...

Capitalistic Councilism

Introduction: The evolution of thought compels humans to think innovative to make things easier for society. Whether the evolution of thoughts is in terms of...

Is there going to be a civil war? An American Civil War 2.0?

A surprising second happened at the pinnacle of the appalling brutality that emitted on the means of the U.S. Statehouse on January sixth, 2021....

Pakistan’s Stake in Taliban Peace Process

Pakistan’s Stake in the Taliban Peace Process: As US and NATO military forces start to leave Afghanistan, Pakistan's stakes in the Taliban peace process are...

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