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Capitalistic Councilism

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The evolution of thought compels humans to think innovative to make things easier for society. Whether the evolution of thoughts is in terms of science or politics, it results in the development and meets the new and modern challenges of the contemporary world. Unrest, political crises, and constitutional crises are factors that are becoming common these days, and to counter all of them our political think tanks need to find an ultimate solution.  There hasn’t been a decade since the world had not been prone to any kind of unrest or civil war mostly due to poor governance. Here is the data for last 5 decades (1970 – 2020) in which different parts of the world went through one of those governing crises which resulted in civil wars with numbers of casualties. 

If we look at the data above, it is explicitly shown how poor structures of government have deteriorated the communities. It is pertinent to mention that most of the countries which have been affected by the civil wars in the last 5 decades were once very civilized nations. History speaks itself about the development of literature and science in Iraq and Yemen. Due to a poor form of government, their civilization did not sustain longer. Therefore, the study of governance calls for comprehensive reforms to deter civilians to take arms against the government.

Venture Politics: The Capitalistic Councilism

Direct or pure democratic system gives the right to every citizen of the state to elect their leader and every vote irrespective of intellectual level and understanding of politics weighs the same. In such a scenario there is a possibility that an undesirable and uneducated leader is elected through voting. In a pure democratic system, minorities are always overlooked by the majority because the entire direct democratic system relies upon the number of votes. Hence, it instigates the minorities to take up arms against the majority for their basic rights and thereafter, the entire government system collapses.

Evolution in political thoughts is directly proportional to the variation within structures of government. Despite the repetition of the same structures for centuries, the world is keep dividing and unrest among societies is unstoppable. As they say, modern problems need modern solutions. Therefore, a new form of government should be introduced to counter the problems we have been facing for long.

Proposed Steps to form Capitalistic Councilism

A new form of government Capitalistic Councilism, where every citizen may vote to elect their desired members of parliament and then parliament will have the right to choose the prime minister of the state with the mutual understanding of the governor.  All of the executive bodies will work under the direct control of the International Political Council.

The international political council should be comprised of more than two members who will be sharing the same interest of keeping law and order and the council should be responsible to keep a check over all of the executive bodies. The apex of the body of capitalistic councilism may be comprised of intellectual persons who possess the different but relevant backgrounds to run an effective political system

The role of the governor in this system is very crucial because the weight of the governor alone is the same as the votes of the entire public. It is very important to keep a close look at the governor’s role. This form of government works on the hybrid model. It’s a parliamentary republic with external force.

It resembles the system of Commonwealth nations in which governor was supposed to act representative of monarch. The commonwealth states are dependent on monarch yet every state is self-governing. None of the state is allowed to interfere the domestic or external affairs of another but all of the states are united through common allegiance to the crown. In hybrid form of government, involved countries will be united through international council of politics. The council comprising of more than two members can effectively pass a resolution in the interest of region unlike the monarchy system where decision of crown affects the minority.

Countries involved in the capitalistic councilism approach will work as a team to help each other to main law in order situation. Governments retaining weaker constitutions will follow the guidelines issued by the international council of politics concerning their political and development issues. Weaker countries have the opportunity to outsource the reserves keeping instead of accumulating themselves. It is so rare when a small country pertaining smaller GDP keeps it development parallel to the public. There is always a group of people within the society who rebel against any specific resolution and to tame the rebellion public capitalistic councilism provides a mutual platform to negotiate for the interest of the government and public. This political venture begins with people to ends at the international council of politics and vice versa.

States having different levels of the constitutions in terms of their quality from high to low can constitute a capitalist councilism form of government. It will reform the entire structure to run their government by meeting both ends of public interest and sovereignty of the state.

When the entire region work as one unit then the unit will come forward to produce resources for the development of the region. In democratic and other forms of government inmates are aggressively overlooked. A convicted inmate loses most of his chances to find a job in another nation due to his previous criminal record but this structure will define a system to initiate resettlement programs to educate the person to give him a chance to start a new life in another state. Such liaison of states will ensure the free movement of skillful human resource to contribute to the development of smaller states.

The council will ensure the reduction of the military budget of the region because of the consolidation of military force which extends to the entire region. Elected members of the parliament cannot misuse their powers against any minority residing in the region because each member will be working on same standard operating procedure issued by international council of politics through governor. Proper and simplified taxation for major corporations will attract investments that will be used for the development of the region.

A unified currency will help smaller countries to trade with bigger countries and it will ensure the sustainability of states. The economic factor is very important for a country to maintain peace within its border. If the country is stuck in the debt trap of developed countries, it will never sustain itself. Such nations cannot even utilize the natural reserves instead those natural resources are used and misused by powerful countries. The structure of capitalistic councilism will put an end to such systematic theft.

The officials of elective offices will go through a political competency test which will enable them to take part in the politics. It will help people of the state to elect the most competent member to serve. As the international council of politics involves multiple nations it will reduce the diplomatic cost of involved states.


The capitalistic councilism form of government will reduce the crises which happened due to the poor and unjust form of a pure democratic system. It is the approach that is cost and time effective and it brings smaller states to stand beside the powerful states of the region. The international council of politics will have no chance to overlook minorities because of the hybrid model of this structure. It brings people, parliamentarians, prime ministers, governor, and international council of politics to work as one unit.

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