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What’s the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web?

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What is a Web?

A Web is an information system that enables access to information over the Internet. We can access the Web through web browsers. With the help of a Web browser, users can easily find any information they want.

As the World Wide Web has grown, there have been many changes. Now, new kinds and features make it simple and easy to use. In the discussion of the assortment of the Web, there are three main categories: surface web, deep Web, and dark Web.  

The purpose of a website is to fetch content from the web server and display it to the user. The primary function or aim of every type of Web of same, i.e., “displaying information to the user.” But there many different kinds of web to give people a lot of data and information.

Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web

Surface web, Deep Web, and Dark Web are different kinds of Web with various accessibility features. Before we see their differences, let’s first see what a surface, deep, and dark Web is.

What is the Deep Web?

The term “deep web” refers to a subset of the World Wide Web that most Web search engines do not index. Chats, e-mails, texts, bank statements, medical information, and other forms of communication may all be considered components of a bark web. The deep Web is sometimes referred to as the “Hidden web” or the “Invisible web.”

What is Dark Web?

The dark Web is a kind of Web that requires the use of specific software or authorization. You can retrieve a dark web through the use of some particular configurations. A dark web can become a way to perform illegal online activities in particular. Examples of a dark web include DuckDuckGo’s, Dream Market, Empire Market, etc.

What is Surface Web?

A surface web is a web whose contents are easily searchable through standard search engines. A surface web is visible to all Internet users. People can obtain any information they want without the need for specific software. Examples of a surface web include Google, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc. The surface web is also called the “Visible Web” or “Indexable Web.”

Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web

The three categories of a website differ in the content they offer to the users. Here are the five significant differences between the deep and dark Web that will help you better understand the two terms.

Deep WebDark web
Deep web contents are not indexed by search engines.Dark web content needs authorization access and permissions.
Users can access a deep web by a valid user id and password.Users can access a dark web by the use of specialized software’s.
It is a collection of numerous invisible websites content.Dark Net is the underlying infrastructure of a Dark Web.
A deep web is not browser-specific. A dark web is browser specific e.g. Tor, Freenet etc. 
It is all about hiding the personals and private information. So that all the personal information of the users are not disclosed to other users.With the dark web there are the chances that the information  of the users can be disclosed to the other users.

Surface, deep, and dark webs all have advantages and disadvantages. If we look at the surface web, it is a simple and easy one to use. No credentials or authorization is necessary. But to use the deep web, you need a username and password. When you use the dark web, there is a chance that someone could see your personal information.

The surface web offers content that search engines or people can easily find. Whereas the deep web has a range that search engines cannot see. And in the case of the dark web, the content is hidden intentionally. A surface Web contains only legal data and content. A dark web has illegal content, while the deep web may have lawful or unlawful content.

How to Access Dark Web?

Tor Network is the simplest and most common method to access the dark web. With the Tor Network, users can communicate by hiding their identities. In this way, users can access the dark web anonymously. To be safe, it’s best to first connect to a VPN and then to the Tor Network to approach the dark web. Also, you can download the Tor browser. That will make your process a bit easier.

Is it Safe to Access Dark Web?

Before you make it to the dark web, it is essential to know whether it is safe to access it or not. The dark web has illegal or stolen data. It is used for unlawful purposes. Some suspicious links may be present that can hack your accounts or devices. 

There may be some files on the site that contain viruses. Downloading such files can land you in trouble. It can disrupt the normal functioning of your device. So, it is advisable that you use the dark web less or at least use it safely. 

Application of Deep Web and Dark Web

The deep web helps to maintain the privacy of the user’s data. The use of passwords keeps your data protected. It becomes easy to access online database systems. It also keeps your personal information hidden and confidential from others.

Whereas with the dark web, you can do business online anonymously if you do not want to reveal your identity. This application is also beneficial for military purposes. The Crime Investigation Department can use the dark web to find criminals. Cybersecurity officials can easily reach out to potential hackers without revealing their identities. 


The surface web is said to be the safest web. But you never know. Hackers have many ways to attack your system. Regardless of your website, you must first check all the notifications that pop up when opening a browser. 

The deep and dark web is used to get information through the Internet. But we have seen that one provides you with illegal content while the other has legal or illicit content. So, it’s up to you to make use of one wisely.

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