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Rohuddin Malikzada

Rohuddin who's an Afghan national studied from School of politics and international relations Quaid e azam university, Islamabad and writes on history and current affairs.

China’s Crimes Against Uyghur Muslims

Human rights in China; The fight between Uyghur Muslims and Chinese Han is decades old but after 2009 its more highlighted China has become...

How Opinions on Social Media Impact the society 

Social media is a form of electronic communication based on technology that allows people to share ideas, thoughts, and information. Social media is internet-based...

Online Education in Pakistan; COVID-19 and Beyond

Since its outburst in the late December 2019, COVID-19 has inflicted across the world and like any vital sectors education sectors and system affected...

OIC Summit for Afghanistan; Vow of protection or a hoax? 

Introduction On 19 December Pakistan host an OIC Summit for Afghanistan meeting After 15 August, the Afghan government topples downed by the Taliban when...

Historical Excerpt From Bangladesh liberation War 1971

Introduction Bangladesh liberation War 1971 is a group of Bengali nationalists emerged under the name of self-determination and war of independence. The war began when...

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