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Energy Crisis in Pakistan and The Remedies

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Energy Crisis means shortfall in the supply of energy, Such as shortage of oil, electricity or other natural resources. Energy crisis in Pakistan is a serious threat to Pakistan’s economy and national security environment.

Energy crisis in Pakistan is a major concern and in order to find solutions we need to first understand what is Energy crisis of Pakistan, Pakistan has been facing an energy crisis since the last few years. Pakistan is facing power shortage, natural crisis and oil crisis. Pakistan has faced 1000 to 2000 MW shortage of power. It will face 3000MW next year.

Pakistan is facing 80 millions tons of oil shortage Pakistan needs clean and cheap energy. Pakistan has been facing energy crisis and renewable resources can be the best alternatively for quickly termination the need for fossil fuels.

The renewable energy sources are solar energy  wind energy, and biomass energy combined with fuel cell technology can be used to overcome the energy shortage in Pakistan.

Approximately, 140 million Pakistanis have no access to the power grid or suffer over 12 hours of loadshedding daily.

Effect of energy crisis on Pakistan economy:-

Energy plays an important role in the development of economy. Pakistan’s energy failure policies led the economy to a major power crisis and created negative economic impact for almost two decades. The energy crisis directly and indirectly affected all the areas of the economy.

Energy crisis have a huge impact on the global economy as well as social politics. Load shedding and power outages, costed the Pakistan economy Rs 14 billion (7pc of GDP) last year.

Effects of energy crisis on Pakistan’s Textile Sector:-

Energy Crisis affects Pakistan’s textile sector, whole textile sector has faced losses due to the extensive energy crisis. Textile sector performance has been declined after energy crisis. Furthermore, energy crisis creates negative impact on textile sector. It increases prices of oil and gas.

Environmental Impact:-

Energy crisis in Pakistan creates environmental crisis. Too much use of traditional energy sources such as coal, fuels and other things so it increases greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2), resulting in global warming and harming the environment and biodiversity. That’s why the energy crisis is closely linked to the environment crisis.

 Effects of energy crisis in Pakistan:-

There are some other effects of energy crisis in Pakistan

  • Energy crisis effects industries
  • Unemployment increased
  • Electricity prices increased
  • Education is badly effected by energy crisis
  • Effect on agriculture

Causes of energy crisis in Pakistan:-

There are 11 major causes of energy crisis in Pakistan:

  • Economic And Political Instability.
    It effects our GDP and Energy Growth.
  • Fluctuation of oil prices in International market.
  • Faulty Distribution System.
    We waste 15 to 20 percent energy through poor distribution System.
  • Aging of Equipment:-

Unable to genrate required electricity.

  • Unproductive efforts:-

Seminars and conference were conducted but no implementation.

  • Overpopulation:-

Overpopulation is another cause of the energy crisis. Because the world’s population increasing day by day so, they demand for fuel and products.

  • Unexpected Renewable Energy Options:-

Renewable energy still not used in most of the countries and has become a top effects of energy crisis in Pakistan Most of the energy comes from non-renewable sources such as coal. Renewable energy sources can also reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Wastage of Energy:-

Energy wastage means the unnecessary use of energy resources, furthermore energy waste describes the wastage of energy sources such as fuels and electricity. In most of the countries, people do not realize the importance of conserving energy. This is only limited to books, the internet, newspaper, ads and seminar.

  •   Wars and Attacks:-

Wars between countries can also hinder the supply of energy, basically it happens in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, or Qatar. It was happened during the 1990 Gulf war when the price of oil increased it caused global shortages and created major problems for energy consumers.

  • Increasing prices of the Fuel Resources:-

When fossil fuels use more so, the prices of these resources also increases. And fossil fuels are available in limited quantity. If we use these resources, so the amount of these fossil fuels further decreases. It creates a huge economic disturbance.

  • Overconsumption:-

The energy crisis is a result of general over consumption. First of all, overconsumption of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, but also other non-renewable sources like uranium.

Solution of energy crisis in Pakistan:-

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is another way Pakistan could turn towards cleaner forms of energy, because China is a world leader in total wind and solar installed renewable energy, at about 140,000MW.

Pakistan has been facing a deep energy crisis due to lack of energy production from cheap sources. New possible policies are required to improve the energy sector by alternative energy sources to foster the economic progress.

Renewable energy reduces CO2 emissions and protect the environment. The utilization of the sustainable energy has positive impact on the economic growth. Furthermore,  by promoting sustainable development, the energy sector improves resource efficiency and also creating jobs. It supports the global economic success.

There are three major solutions of energy crisis in Pakistan

Energy Transition to Renewable energy sources:-

Another solution for energy crisis is that the world’s reliance on non-renewable power sources, and one of the best sustainable energy solutions (oil, coil, and gas) is to turn to renewable sources like sun (solar panels), wind, water, and steam. Renewable energy is the best solution because there is no emission of greenhouse gasses.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation:-

Do not waste energy and use it efficiently. Conserve energy to turn off the lights, turn off the fans or air conditioning, by this way you could save a great amount of energy. Recycle, reduce and reuse the products and their packages.

Buy Energy-Efficient Products:-

Energy crisis in Pakistan is a major problem and it can reduce by avoiding traditional bulbs and use CFLs and LEDs.

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