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Where is Hamas Funding coming from?

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Some Israeli media reports say that Palestinian diaspora also funds Hamas. Hamas is a Palestinian political and religious organization. Its goal is the destruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state. It has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, when it won elections there.


The majority of financing comes from private people and organizations in these nations. The Palestinian diaspora, which includes Palestinians residing in the United States and Europe, provides Hamas funding.

funding for hamas

The next largest source of income comes from government-sponsored aid programs. These programs provide aid to Palestinians who want to build schools, hospitals or other infrastructure projects in Gaza.

In addition to direct aid payments through USAID (United States Agency for International Development), Congress has authorized funding for anti-terrorism activities under Section 906(b)(2)(A)(iii)(II)(aa) – “to support programs designed to promote stability within a region where there could potentially be destabilizing impacts due to conflicts among religious groups”.

Running a Government in Gaza

Hamas runs a large de facto government in the Gaza Strip, providing services such as primary education and healthcare.

government of hamas

It runs a large de facto government in the Gaza Strip, providing services such as primary education and healthcare.

The organization also provides social services such as welfare and social welfare.

Iran Funding Hamas

Hamas receives $50 million a year from Iran for the military wing of its organization. The Iranian government supplies Hamas with weapons, funds, and training. Hamas receives approximately 50 million dollars annually from the Iranian regime for its military wing.

iran funding hamas

This money is used to fund its operations in Gaza and other parts of Palestine. The group has also been accused of receiving training from Hezbollah in Lebanon, where it operates freely as well.

The Diaspora Fundings

Hamas gets support from the diaspora, namely Muslim community members living abroad in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

A diaspora is a group of people who have left their home country and are now living abroad. In this case, the diaspora would be made up of Muslims living in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

diaspora funding

Hamas gets support from Muslim community members living abroad. It receives donations from them through various channels such as banks and post offices.

They also receive financial aid from charities based in these countries like Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). IRW provides humanitarian assistance to Palestinians suffering under occupation by Israel, World Vision International, Mercy Corps International, Christian Aid Mission UK, Christian Friends of Palestine US, etc.

Hamas Funding Supported by Saudi Arabia

the group receives support from some wealthy Arabs in Saudi Arabia and many other Persian Gulf states.

saudi arab funding hamas

It receives support from some wealthy Arabs in Saudi Arabia and many other Persian Gulf states. These nations see Israel as an enemy. So, they provide financial aid as a means of helping Hamas achieve its goal of destroying Israel.

Other Sources of Funding

There are several different sources of Hamas funding. First, the diaspora community—Muslim community members living abroad in Europe, Canada, and the United States—provides financial assistance through their own organizations and charities.


Second, wealthy Arabs living in Saudi Arabia provide financial support to Hamas’s terrorist activities as well as other terrorist groups like al-Qaeda or Hezbollah. Third, Middle Eastern governments also fund some operations that support various militant factions within Israel’s borders (including Hamas).

Iran and Hamas

Iran and Hamas’s military growth and ideological rifts were rekindled in ways that directly contributed to the current violence in the Gaza Strip.

More Israeli civilians were murdered by Hamas and other terrorist organizations in the recent Gaza clash than were killed during the whole 50-day conflict in 2014.

Gaza clash

According to Hamas political bureau leader Ismail Haniyeh on May 21st, Tehran “did not hold back with money, weaponry, and technological backing” in allowing this heavy onslaught.

After five days of intense warfare, the Iranian government media source Tasnim News claimed to have received a phone call from Esmail Qaani, chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF), who praised Hamas’ conduct and praised Haniyeh.

Other major Iran-backed armed organizations, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq, and the Houthis in Yemen, repeated similar messages.


More than a one-off, the praise-giving shows a steady improvement in ties between Iran’s “ax de résistance” and Hamas, despite the ideological divide between Shias and Sunnis that has existed for years.


Hamas funding is complex and varied. There are many sources of support for the organization, including donors in the Middle East and overseas. Some of these funds come from wealthy donors in Saudi Arabia or other Gulf states, while others originate from diaspora communities around Europe or North America.

While there are no definitive sources of Hamas Funding, we can say with certainty that at least some money comes from these three categories—though it’s unlikely that any single one provides all of its operating costs.”

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