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Women’s Struggle جہد نسواں

Gender Equality and SDGs.

Introduction: Gender equality is the idea of providing equal opportunities to different genders based on individual performances rather than skill-based positions. In 2015, the United...

Pakistan Floods: Case of Climate injustice and Gender Inequality

Pakistan Floods 2022: An Overview Since June of 2022, Pakistan has been wrecking damage from the grueling floods caused by climate change. With the shifting...

The Challenges and Perspectives of Liberal Arts Graduates of Asian University for Women Working in Pakistan

Asian University for Women liberal arts program is one-of-a-kind. It is inspired by the most successful liberal arts institutions with a diverse pool of...

Women need Revolution Not March

Is Aurat March Helpful? Do the women in their homes, in the cities, in the rural areas, in the backward areas; in Pakistan. Suffering domestic...

Being transgender is not a choice; it’s a learning process to love yourself for who you are….

Being transgender is not a choice; it's a learning process to love yourself for who you are…. Nature chooses who will be transgender; being so...

Feminism in Pakistan

Feminism in Pakistan I've been sitting in front of a blank screen for the better part of a Wednesday night, thinking of an opening statement....

Subjugation of women on literary fronts

Subjugation of women on literary fronts   History has been cruelling to women on the literary fronts as well as most of the writers until recent...

The Women of Afghanistan

Women of Afghanistan In both the Muslim and Western worlds, women's rights in Islam have been a sensitive topic of discussion and heated controversy. Muslim...
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