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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Will China overtake America?

Introduction People have been living under the American order since the end of the cold war. The liberal order is still working vigorously across the world....

China-Taiwan Conflict: A Historical Perspective

Historically, Taiwan was under the control of China. The Qing Dynasty ruled Taiwan during the 17th century, when it was regarded as a part...

China’s Sky Eye Telescope

Introduction According to a recently released study by Chinese experts. Their giant "Sky Eye China" observatory may have detected trace signals from a distant alien...

Pakistan’s Relations with the US under Biden

Since its inception, Pakistan and US relations were not friendly. Pakistan has adopted one-sided-pro United States (US) policies. Pakistan's relations with the US under...

China’s Crimes Against Uyghur Muslims

Human rights in China; The fight between Uyghur Muslims and Chinese Han is decades old but after 2009 its more highlighted China has become...

The United States and Southeast Asia:

The United States and Southeast Asia: In the aftermath of World War II, with the United States emerging as the World Hegemon, it tried to...

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