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Technical Education, A Much-Needed Concept to bring positive changes in Education system

Introduction Education is considered a tool for development. It covers the different spheres of socio-economic development. It reflects the values and norms that guide...

Domestic Violence Against Women In Pakistan ; Causes and Effects In 21st Century

Introduction: With its different forms, domestic violence has been a sort of ritual worldwide. Throughout history, women have been seen as inferior to men. She...

A glimpse of Pakistan’s foreign policy under Imran khan?

  The inception of democratic institutions in Pakistan has stressed on realist and pragmatic foreign policy approaches. Foreign policy is one such instrument which establish...

Accountability, Activism, and Digital Media

Accountability, Activism, and Digital Media Traditionally, accountability has stood for how responsible a person has been in the role they have taken in society. More...

Sliver of a Silver Lining

A sliver of a Silver Lining Orophile/Orophilia; a person who loves the mountains/ the love of and for mountains, as this is intended for those,...

How poverty can affect the environment and policy?

How poverty can affect the environment and policy? Poverty is one of the major problems that the world is facing. In 2015, 193 countries adopted...

Future of Speedster Hasan Ali ?

Background Recalling Nasser Hossain famous lines during Pakistan vs England CT’17 Semi-final when England’ captain Eoin Morgan was caught behind by Sarfraz Ahmed courtesy a...
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